Making a Before After Meme: The Complete Guide

Before After memes are the perfect way to show the dramatic transformation — whether it be physical, mental, social, or just behavior-wise — from one state to the next. Unleash the funny with a Before After meme and take a look at what happens when the “before” picture gets a hilarious makeover in an “after” image.

Quick Summary

  Creating a Before and After Meme: A Comprehensive Guide

Before-After memes are a popular way to tell a story or highlight a transformation. Creating a Before-After meme is easy and fun. Here’s how:

First, choose two images that you want to compare or use to illustrate the change you’re trying to spotlight. The two images should look different from each other. Keep in mind that the images should be easy to read or differentiate.

Next, pick the format for your meme. A **** format works best for before-after memes as it uses two separate images that are placed side-by-side. You should also decide if you are going to put writing on the image. If you are, you’ll need to add the text in the image editor you choose.

Once you have chosen the images and format, it’s time to create the Before-After meme. Download an image editing program like Pixlr or GIMP. Open the image editor and upload both images. Place them next to each other as desired. You can also add any text you may have thought of.

You’re done! Save the meme to your computer. Now you can post it to social media or anywhere else you’d like. Congratulations on creating a Before-After meme!

Creating a Before and After Meme: A Comprehensive Guide

What Is a Before and After Meme?

A before and after meme documents a comparison between two images. The first image typically portrays a change or progression from one state to another. This can be from a physical transformation, to a mindset on a certain topic, or showing development over time. Everyone loves a good ‘before and after’ example to show off, and you can easily make your own ‘before and after’ meme using the steps outlined in this guide.

How to Create a Before and After Meme

Creating a before and after meme can be done in several easy steps. It’s a great way to show off a transformation, be it a physical one or a mental one. Here’s what you need to do to get started:

  • Step 1: Choose your images. You can use your own photos, or use images you find online.
  • Step 2: Create the meme layout. There are lots of free meme maker apps available that you can use.
  • Step 3: Add your own text. Feel free to get creative and have some fun with this part.
  • Step 4: Save your image and upload it for others to enjoy.

5 Tips for Making a Meme

Now that you know the basics of what to do, here are five tips to help you make a great before and after meme:

  • Pick the right images. Make sure the images you choose illustrate the change you’re trying to document.
  • Make it funny. People love a good laugh, so try to come up with something that will make them smile.
  • Keep it short. You don’t want to overwhelm the meme with too much text, so keep it short and sweet.
  • Make it relatable. Try to find a way to make your meme relevant to the people you’re sharing it with.
  • Have fun. Making meme’s should be a fun and creative process, so make sure to enjoy it!
  • Personal Experience

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    A before and after meme is an internet meme that consists of two alternating images of the same person or thing, generally one before and one after an event or change. It is generally used to show a drastic change in appearance, accomplishments, lifestyle, or attitude. Most of the time, before and after memes focus on making humorous comparisons.

    I first encountered before and after memes in the early 2000s when my friends and I would use them primarily for creating humour. Rather than focusing on an actual before and after event, we would “change-up” the second image. For example, we would take a before image of someone standing on solid ground and change it to an after image of the exact same person standing on a tightrope. It was a great way to make each other laugh.

    Today, before and after memes are still popularly used for making humorous comparisons but they also hold a much more serious purpose. Social media sites are full of inspiring before and after memes that show people’s achievements or improvements in well-being and lifestyle. I love to follow pages that focus on bringing awareness to the journeys of people’s lives. Overall, before and after memes are entertaining, motivating, and inspiring.

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    Final Thoughts

    Making a Before After meme is a fun and creative way to explain a concept or express an opinion. It’s a great way to engage with an audience, provoke thought and show how far an idea or process has come. The guide provided in this article outlines the steps needed to effectively create a Before After meme and makes it easy for anyone to create a memorable and relatable meme. So what are you waiting for? Get creating and show everyone your Before After meme!