Best Handyman Apps – Get Professional Home Repairs With These Apps

Do you wish to hire the best handyman services to help with home repairs, but don’t know where to turn? Look no further than the top handyman apps – they offer a convenient, user-friendly way to quickly find experienced professionals to help you with even the most challenging home repairs.

Quick Summary

  Best Handyman Apps: Get Professional Home Repairs Now

If you’re looking for the best handyman apps to help you with home repairs, you’ll want to look no further. There are a number of apps available that can help you get professional home repairs with just a few clicks of your phone. From plumbing woes to electrical fixes, these handyman apps provide you with the skills and services you need to keep your home in tip-top shape.

The Handyman app for iOS devices is one of the best handyman apps available. This app allows you to find experienced professionals in your area for each job category you may need help with. Plus, all of the pros go through the app’s signature vetting system, which eliminates any doubt about the quality of the work. Additionally, billing is handled through the app and payment is secure.

For Android devices, the TaskRabbit app is a great choice for home repairs. You’ll find taskers with various skills, from carpentry and assembly to plumbing and electrical services. All of the taskers on TaskRabbit have passed a criminal background check and are verified and insured. Plus, this app offers a money-back guarantee if the job isn’t done up to the standards you expect.

The Mr. Handyman app is also a great choice for finding professional home repair services. This app offers a wide range of jobs, from simple to more complicated tasks. Plus, all of the pros who work with Mr. Handyman are licensed and insured, so you can be confident that the job will be completed professionally. Additionally, this app has an easy-to-use platform that makes scheduling a breeze.

These are just a few of the best handyman apps available for your phone that can help you get done with professional home repair services. No matter what the job, these apps are sure to have the services you need to get your home in tip-top shape.

The Best Handyman Apps For Professional Home Repairs Now

Home repairs don’t have to be a hassle anymore. You no longer need to spend time and money finding the right contractors for your home repairs. The best handyman apps can help you find an experienced and reliable repairman – no matter where you live.

The Benefits of Home Repair Apps

An app for home repair offers many benefits. It can connect you with the best and certified repairmen in the area quickly, without the hassle of phone calls and appointments. Not only that, but it also allows you to find reviews and ratings for the repairman, so you know who will do the best job for the most competitive price.

Best Handyman Apps

Here are the best handyman apps right now to help you with home repairs:

  • Homer: This serves as a marketplace for handyman services where you can find the best and certified professionals in your area.
  • Thumbtack: This app provides access to professionals offering a wide range of services including home repairs.
  • TaskRabbit: This is one of the most popular home repair apps and provides access to a wide range of professionals, from plumbers and electricians to general handymen.
  • Angie’s List:This is an app that provides access to professionals offering home repair services and also provides you with ratings and reviews of the repairman.


With the best handyman apps, you can easily find top-rated professionals who can do the job right the first time. Make sure you check out the reviews before hiring a professional – this way you can make sure the repairman you hire will give you quality service at the best price.

Personal Experience

What are apps to find a handyman?

One of my best experiences with handyman apps was when I was in need of quick repair work at home. I had recently purchased a new home, and I needed to upgrade the plumbing system – a job that would normally require whole-days of effort. With the help of a handyman app, I was able to schedule a professional plumber within a few hours. On top of that, the app offered a cheap and reliable service with very reasonable prices. The plumber was from a reputed company and arrived on time and completed the repairs professionally. I was so relieved and thankful for the convenience of these handyman apps.

I have tried several other handyman apps in the past with similar positive results. From appliance servicing, electrician work, painting, carpentry and other minor repair work – I have used these apps to get quick help and saves me the trouble of finding professionals in the conventional way. Some of the popular apps also offer discounts or special offers on certain projects, which is a great option for those who are on a budget.

Handyman apps are an amazing way to get quick services without having to worry about the quality. The app mostly have multiple handyman services providers in the database from a variety of service categories. This means the customer can compare prices, services, and availability of the different providers in their area, choose one for their job and even track the work in real time. I believe this is the most convenient way of finding and hiring reliable handymen for a variety of projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are apps to find a handyman?

The best apps to find a handyman are AllBetter, Handy, HomeAdvisor and TaskRabbit. AllBetter is an online app-based handyman service offering reliable services for homeowners and landlords. Handy is an American-based app providing services from experienced professionals. HomeAdvisor is a free app with pre-screened professionals. TaskRabbit is an app connecting customers with independent service providers for a variety of jobs.

How do I promote myself as a handyman?

Promote yourself as a handyman by leveraging online and offline marketing tactics such as advertising on Craigslist and social media, sharing pro tips and providing qualified customer service, and optimizing your website for search engine visibility. Additionally, build strategic relationships with local businesses and network with contractors to gain access to referrals.

What are the most requested handyman services?

The most commonly requested handyman services include plumbing, drywall installation, repairing damaged gutters and fixture replacement. Many homeowners also rely on handymen for tasks such as painting, minor electrical work and appliance installation. Handymen often provide other services including carpentry, landscaping, furniture assembly and leak repair.

How can a handyman get more customers?

To get more customers, a handyman should create a website and online presence using social media, partner with local businesses, and create ads using Facebook Ad Manager. Additionally, they should invest in SEO to make sure their website content is optimized to appear high in Google search results. Lastly, they should reach out to their local community to build network connections and increase their customer base.

Is handyman app legit?

Yes, Handy is a legit handyman app. It has a thorough screening process which includes credit and background checks. Additionally, it is available in the U.S., the U.K. and Canada, making it a great choice for finding trustworthy and reliable services.

How much can you make on handyman app?

With Handy, you can earn up to $45 per hour as a handyman or $22 per hour as a cleaner. Top Handy Pros have earned more than $1,000 per week. With the Handy app, you can make good money and benefit from flexible working hours.

Can you make good money on handy app?

Yes, you can make good money on Handy. With professional services available in over 3000 cities, Pros have the opportunity to accept jobs and make money. Fill up your schedule as much as you’d like and earn up to $22/hour based on your skills and demand.

How does the handyman app work?

Our handyman app makes it easy to book a qualified and reliable tradesperson. Simply select the service you need, choose a suitable time, and make your payment securely. We guarantee the best service possible and support you every step of the way.

What questions should I ask a handyman before hiring?

Before hiring a handyman, ask about their experience level, licensing and insurance status, and how much they charge for labor and materials. Be sure to also inquire about their availability and references to ensure they’re the right fit for your project. Finally, get their estimated timeline for completion before agreeing to move ahead with the hiring process.

Final Thoughts

Handyman apps are incredibly useful tools for getting professional home repairs quickly and affordably. Many apps offer a variety of repair services tailored to your specific needs, from plumbing and electrical work to woodworking and interior design. They are also commonly used for larger-scale projects, such as remodeling, home renovation, and other complex repairs. With their wide range of services, convenience, and affordability, handyman apps prove invaluable for those looking for a quality home repair.