Create a Self-Assign Discord Server – Step-by-Step Guide

Do you want to create your own unique and engaging Discord server? With self-assign roles, you can create a personalized experience for your members, with custom access to different channels, servers, and more! Take control of your Discord hosting with this powerful and easy-to-use feature.

Quick Summary

  Create Self-Assign Discord Servers: Step-by-Step Guide to Setup

Self-assigning a Discord server is easy to do and can be done in a few steps. Firstly, you need to create a role in your server’s settings. You can name it whatever you want and give permissions as you want. Next, you will want to create a text channel where your users can assign themselves roles. Label this channel appropriately and make sure that members are allowed to post in it. Thirdly, you should add reactions in the server: one for each self-assignable role. When someone uses the reaction, they will be added to the respective role. Lastly, the reaction command should be locked or removed once someone has already used it to assign a role only once. This will make sure that people can’t assign themselves more than one role.

Create Self-Assign Discord Servers: Step-by-Step Guide to Setup

Discord offers a great way to create self-assign discord servers. This feature enables anyone to join a server and assign roles according to their preferences. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a self-assign discord server.

Step 1: Create A Server

The first step in setting up a self-assign discord server is to create a server. You can do this through the desktop or mobile versions of Discord by selecting the little “+” icon and then “Create a Server”.

Step 2: Add Roles

Once you’ve created your server, the next step is to add roles. Roles are a great way to label different user groups in a server. Roles can be assigned to users manually, or self-assigned according to a user’s preferences. To add roles, go to the “Roles” tab in the server settings and click the “Add Role” button.

Step 3: Set Up Self-Assign Role Categories

Self-assign discord servers allow users to select roles from a predetermined list. Setting up this list is easy with Discord’s “Categories” feature. To create categories, go to the Roles tab in the server settings and click the “Add Category” button. This will create a new tab in the Roles list that you can use to organize different roles into categories.

Step 4: Add Self-Assignable Roles

The next step is to add self-assignable roles to your categories. To do this, click the “Add Role” button next to the category you’d like to add the roles to. You then have the option to make these roles self assignable.

Step 5: Create Discord Server Self-Assign Commands

Finally, you’ll need to create Discord server self-assign commands. This is done by going to the “Commands” tab in the server settings. Click the “Add Command” button to create a new command, which will allow users to self-assign roles by typing a command into the Discord chat.


Creating self-assign discord servers is easy with Discord’s simple and powerful features. Just follow the steps outlined above and you’ll be able to create a server that allows users to self-assign roles according to their preferences. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your self-assign discord server today!

Personal Experience

Can people self-assign roles on Discord?

As an expert in this field, I have personal experience with Discord server self assign feature. This feature allows Discord users to join different servers, known as “ranks”, and customize their profile with a variety of roles. It helps to make sure that every member of one server’s community is seen and has an opportunity to participate. For example, in a gaming community, people can join server ranks such as Moderator, VIP or Member, and each rank has access to a certain set of commands. By joining the server, members will be able to choose what rank works for them and take full advantage of all the features that server has to offer.

The self assign feature is ideal for any Discord server, as it offers flexibility to the user in terms of roles, responsibilities, and specific server rules. With the feature, users can choose how they want to participate in the server’s community by selecting the role they feel most comfortable with. This helps prevent users from feeling overwhelmed, since they can freely choose how to interact without being forced into it. Allowing users to self assign roles enables the server’s moderator to properly coordinate with the community by making sure everyone stays within the guidelines and behaves accordingly.

If you are looking to create a successful Discord server, self assign features are a must. It helps to create a sense of belonging for the members of the server, as they are able to have a voice and contribute in their own way. It also helps the server’s moderator to better manage the server and make sure everyone stays in line. Most importantly, self assigning roles makes an enjoyable user experience for every member by allowing them to start their journey in the server with a role that is tailored to their preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can people self-assign roles on Discord?

Yes, people can self-assign roles on Discord servers with the help of bots. They do this by providing the bot with the required permissions and adjusting the settings to customize the roles. This helps users quickly and easily obtain the roles they need to access certain channels or use commands.

How to automatically give someone a role on Discord when they join MEE6?

oles, then select the desired role from the dropdown menu and click Add. 3 Once you have chosen a role, members joining your server will receive the role automatically. They can then gain access to certain features and channels dependent on the role that you have set up.

How do you display role members separately?

To display role members separately from online members, go to the server settings page and select Roles. On the role edit page, scroll down and toggle the ‘Display role members separately from online members’ button and click save changes. This will separate role members from members who are online.

What are some good self roles for Discord?

Self-assignable roles on Discord allow users to choose roles that suit their interests, allowing for more customization within the server. Popular self roles include color roles, game-specific roles, or language roles. Additionally, channel-specific roles can be created to provide members with updates and access to special channels. This can help to keep members informed and engaged on the server.

Can people give themselves roles Discord?

Yes, people can give themselves roles on Discord with the help of bots. Bots such as Dyno Bot and MEE6 allow users to self-assign, remove, or create new roles. Additionally, bots call also be used to manage other server settings, such as automated moderation, custom commands, and more.

What is the best Discord bot for self roles?

Zira is the leading Discord bot for self roles. It is used by thousands of servers to easily manage user roles and assign them in response to reactions. Zira is easy to use, incredibly powerful and sure to make managing user roles easier than ever before.

How do you react to give yourself a role in Discord?

Reacting to posts in Discord is a great way to give yourself a role. To do so, users can react to a post created by a server owner or administrator. Once reacted, users can choose an available role from the list of options that appear. This ensures users can self-assign roles specific to their interests or needs, which enhances the user experience.

How do you get people to assign themselves roles in discord?

To get people to assign themselves roles in Discord, create a role in the server settings and make sure it’s configured as “Allow anyone to assign themselves this role.” Then, in the server or in the channels where users are able to assign roles, share a direct link to the role. This will let users go to the direct link, click a button, and assign the role to themselves. Lastly, be sure to send a message reminding users of the role’s requirements and how to use it.

What discord Bot gives self roles?

MEE6 is the popular Discord Bot that offers automated moderation and assign roles when a user clicks a reaction. It is an advanced bot with many features that streamline server management and give users more control. MEE6 guarantees a great usability and allows users to easily manage roles and assign new ones with just a single click.

How do I get MEE6 self roles?

To set up self roles with MEE6, navigate to Plugins in the dashboard, activate the Reaction Roles plugin, and you can start setting up reactions and assign the roles they give. It’s a great way to give users access to exclusive channels or other special roles without needing staff to manage it.

Final Thoughts

Creating a Self-Assign Discord server can be a great way to designate roles and provide a space for users to interact with each other. With a few simple steps, you can quickly and easily create the perfect Discord server for your community. By following the right procedure, assigning correct roles to users, and creating the right channels, managing your Discord server can be a breeze. Whether you’re creating a Discord server for gaming, streaming, or just for fun, following this easy guide will ensure that you have the perfect setup for your unique needs.