Best Gifs for Facebook Messenger – Fun and Funny Animated Pics

Are you ready to up your messaging game with the latest social media craze? With gifs in FB Messenger you can send hilarious, eccentric and heartwarming gifs to your friends, family and colleagues no matter what the occasion. Bring a bit of life to your conversations and make your messages stand out with the fun and dynamic gifs available to choose from in Facebook Messenger.

Quick Summary

  Share Fun and Funny Animated Gifs on Facebook Messenger - Best Gif Collection

If you’re looking for some fun and funny GIFs to share in Facebook Messenger, you’ve come to the right place. Our collection of the best GIFs for Facebook Messenger includes a wide variety of hilarious animations that are sure to get a laugh out of any recipient. You’ll find GIFs featuring animals, reactions, celebrities, and much more. Best of all, each GIF is easy to share right in Messenger, so you can send the perfect message in no time.

If you’re searching for a great way to spice up your conversations, look no further than our selection of the funniest animated GIFs. We have GIFs featuring popular TV and movie clips, memes, cartoons, party bloopers, holiday-themed animations, and viral video reactions. Our collection of fun GIFs is constantly growing, so you’ll never run out of hilarious visuals to share.

To make it even easier to find the perfect GIF, we’ve sorted our collection into categories. You’ll find GIFs for every situation and sentiment, whether you want to celebrate an accomplishment, share a moment of joy, or just let someone know you’re thinking of them. Plus, each GIF is optimized for Messenger, so you can count on smooth, fast loading every time.

Our collection of funny GIFs for Facebook Messenger is sure to put a smile on any recipient’s face. Check out our selection today and find the perfect way to express yourself in your messaging conversations.

Share Fun and Funny Animated Gifs On Facebook Messenger

Animated GIFs are one of the best ways to add a little fun and humor to your conversations with your friends, family, and other contacts when communicating on Facebook Messenger. Whether you want to send a funny message to a friend, congratulate someone, or show appreciation, GIFs are an excellent way to express yourself. That’s why it’s essential to have a good collection of GIFs in your arsenal to quickly share them with a few clicks.

Best Gif Collection For Facebook Messenger

There are plenty of GIFs out there, but not all of them are suitable for all conversations. To help you out, here’s a list of the best GIF collections designed specifically for Facebook Messenger in 2021.

  • Tenor
  • Gfycat
  • Cheezburger
  • Reddit
  • Gifbin

How To Find and Use A Gif In Facebook Messenger?

Once you find the perfect GIF, you’ll need to know how to send it using Facebook Messenger. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open Facebook Messenger and type the name of the person you want to chat with.
  • Once you start a chat, tap the smiley face icon at the bottom of the chat window.
  • Choose the “GIF” option from the menu.
  • Select the GIF from your collection.
  • The GIF will be sent to the recipient.
  • Personal Experience

    Can Facebook Messenger send GIFs?

    I recently had the opportunity to use GIFs in FB Messenger and it was an amazing experience. The feature was introduced in 2017 and it made exchanging messages with friends quick and fun. GIFs are a great way to express your feelings without saying a word. I’ve been enjoying using GIFs in FB Messenger for a variety of topics such as funny reactions, great accomplishments, and just simple conversation starters with friends.

    Using GIFs made browsing through the library easy and fun. The photos and short videos are perfectly sized to keep messages short and attention-grabbing. With many categories like funny, celebration, reaction, and animals, it was easy to find the GIF that perfectly expressed my thoughts. Also, I enjoyed being able to use my own content and make my own GIFs to use in messages with my friends.

    GIFs have not only been a great way to communicate with my friends but also to express my message succinctly. Sharing GIFs has been the best way to show my emotions right away and start a conversation quickly. Now that I have tried GIFs in FB Messenger, I can see how powerful this feature is for communication.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can Facebook Messenger send GIFs?

    Yes, Facebook Messenger can send GIFs. To do so, simply open a chat in Messenger and tap the GIF icon at the end of the text field. You can then access a selection of GIFs to send. This helps you share an extra bit of emotion, humor, or fun in your conversations.

    What happened to GIFs in Messenger?

    GIFs on Messenger have been removed and replaced with image cues. Image cues make it easier to find and share content quickly, while still maintaining the element of fun. GIFs can still be accessed from a third-party GIF keyboard, like GIPHY, or from specific chat/topic stickers.

    How does Messenger choose GIFs?

    Messenger chooses GIFs from a library of millions of GIFs. Users can search for GIFs with keywords or browse popular categories such as Movies & TV, Reactions, and Sports & Games. Users can also browse GIFs from popular trending GIFs from GIPHY, or from videos uploaded from their device.

    How do I send a custom GIF on Facebook Messenger?

    To send a custom GIF on Facebook Messenger, click the camera icon in the chat window, select your saved GIF, and click the “Send” button. On mobile, save the GIF to your camera roll and upload it to a post on your Facebook profile. Click “Share” to send the GIF to your Messenger contacts.

    How do you enable GIFs on iPhone Messenger?

    To enable GIFs on iPhone Messenger, open the Messages app, tap the App Store icon next to the message box, scroll to the #images section, and tap the icon to enable or disable GIFs. Once enabled, you can tap the #images icon to search and share GIFs in messages.

    Can you send GIFs on Messenger iPhone?

    Yes, you can send GIFs on the Messenger iPhone app. To do so, open Messages, tap the ‘#images’ icon and search for the perfect GIF to share with your contacts. You can also select from suggested GIFs or discover the latest trending GIFs. Once you’ve found the perfect GIF, tap it and it will be sent instantly.

    How do you add GIFs to Messenger 2022?

    To add GIFs to Messenger 2022, open the chat box of the person you want to send the GIF to. Then, click on the GIF icon in the message composition box. Next, select the GIF you want to send and press the ‘Send’ button to send the message.

    Why can’t I send GIFs on Messenger?

    GIFs may not be sending on Messenger if your internet connection or data subscription is weak or inactive. To fix the problem, check your connection, try sending a different GIF, restart the Messenger app, or reinstall the app.

    Where do Messenger GIFs come from?

    Messenger GIFs come from Giphy, the world’s largest GIF library. Giphy was acquired by Facebook in May 2020, bringing the already-integrated platform closer to its parent company. With over 10 billion GIFs to choose from, users can easily find the perfect GIF to match their message.

    How do you use a GIF in a conversation?

    Using GIFs in conversation is easy and can add an extra layer of fun! To use a GIF in your conversation, first find a GIF that reflects the emotion behind your message. Once you have found a GIF to use, copy the URL of the GIF and paste it into the chat. That’s it! Your GIF will now be visible to the other person in the conversation and bring a bit of visual expression to your message.

    Why can’t I send GIFs in Facebook Messenger?

    Sending GIFs in Facebook Messenger requires an active internet connection. If you are having difficulty sending GIFs, try restarting the Facebook Messenger app, reinstalling it, or sending a different GIF. If the issue persists, check your internet connection and data subscription.

    Can you send GIFs to Android users?

    Yes, Android users can send GIFs. To do this, open the messaging app on the device and select the Smiley icon. From there, users can browse a selection of available GIFs or use the search button to find a specific one. Additionally, users can also use the Gboard Keyboard to quickly access and send GIFs.

    Final Thoughts

    Animated gifs are a great way to share some fun and entertainment with friends and family on Facebook Messenger. Best gifs for Facebook Messenger are widely available; from humor, to animals, to everyday scenes, users can browse through a multitude of gifs to find the perfect gif for any occasion! And, because gifs do not take up much space, users can easily store, send, and share them with ease.