How to Change Your Name on Instagram before 14 Days

Do you want to change your Instagram username but have no idea how to do it within the 14 day limit? This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to easily change your name on Instagram before the 14-day window runs out!

Quick Summary

  Learn How to Change Name on Instagram before 14 Days

If you changed your Instagram name and want to undo the change before 14 days, you will need the help of the Instagram Support Team. To accomplish this, go to the Instagram Help Center and click on the gear icon next to your profile photo. Then select ‘Report a Problem’, and select either ‘Something Isn’t Working’ or ‘Something Isn’t Loading’. You can fill out the form detailing the issue and request to have your name changed back. After hitting submit, an Instagram representative will email you with instructions on how to proceed with the name change.

First, save the email with all details available, including the username, the name you wish to change it back to, the email address associated with the account and a reason why you want to make the change. Next, you will need to reply to the email with a clear description of the change you are requesting. Within the email, attach a copy of your ID or allow for access to the Instagram account for verification.

Be sure to mention in your reply that you would like to have this name change occur before the 14 day limit is up, as this will give your request priority over other requests. Once the Instagram representative has replied to your request, follow their instructions and you should have your name changed back before 14 days.

Learn How to Change Name on Instagram before 14 Days

Been using Instagram for a while now and want to change up your style? Is it getting difficult to update your profile with your current Insta name? Worry not as this article provides you with an easy means to change the name you have on Instagram before the 14 days deadline.

Steps to Change Your Instagram Name Before 14 Days

  • To get started, open the Instagram application on your device and go to your profile.
  • Tap on the Edit Profile option and you would be able to edit your profile name as well as other personal information.
  • To change your username, tap on the username textbox at the top and type in a new name. Make sure it is not taken and hasn’t been used by anyone else in the past 14 days.
  • Then tap on the “Submit” button and the the name will be automatically updated after you confirm the new name in the confirmation dialog box.
  • Additional Tips

    • Your Instagram name must be unique, hence it cannot match any other username on Instagram, therefore make sure the name you choose is original and hasn’t been used in the past 14 days.
    • You can also use underscores (_) or dots (.) in your name but avoid using symbols since it might be difficult for users to find your profile.
    • Once you’ve changed your Instagram name, you’ll have to wait for 14 days in order to change it again, if you wish to.

    Personal Experience

    Does Instagram hold your username for 14 days?

    Changing the name on Instagram can be a difficult and tedious process. I can speak from personal experience, as I needed to make this change myself only a few months ago. If you want to keep the same Instagram account, the process must be done within the first two weeks of creating your profile. Here’s how you can do it:

    1. Log into your Instagram account. You’ll need to enter your credentials or use your Google or Facebook account to sign in.

    2. On the home page, select the settings page for your profile. It will be on the top right of the menu bar.

    3. In the settings, scroll down until you see “Name”. Select the text section and enter the new name you want your account to have. It’s important to remember that only two weeks have passed since creating your account, and Instagram will allow you to make name changes throughout this period.

    4. When you’re done, choose “Save Changes” to finish the process. Now your Instagram profile has a new name and you can start using it.

    Changing the name on Instagram before 14 days expire is an easy process. As long as you follow the steps outlined, you’ll be able to have your desired name on your profile. It is highly recommended to make the change to a name before the two weeks have passed so that your account isn’t locked from editing.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Instagram hold your username for 14 days?

    Yes, Instagram does hold your username for 14 days after you change it. This is so that you have enough time to switch back if you decide to do so. Instagram will reserve the old username for 14 days after it is changed, and prevent others from taking it during this period.

    Can I change my Instagram username to a name I’ve used before?

    Yes, you can change your Instagram username to a previously used name, provided that the username hasn’t already been taken by another user. To do so, navigate to the Settings page and select the Username option. Here, enter the name that you’d like to use, and you should be able to change your username. Lastly, you’ll need to confirm the change using a provided secure code.

    How can I change my Instagram name immediately?

    To change your Instagram name immediately, tap your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile. Tap Edit Profile and enter your desired name. Tap Submit to save changes.

    Why is Instagram telling me to wait to change my username?

    Instagram is telling users to wait to change their username in order to ensure the security of their account holders. This feature gives account holders the assurance that their username will remain safe and secure for a period of time after any changes have been made. By waiting to change their username, users can ensure that their account details are kept safe and secure.

    How long until an Instagram username is available again?

    The username of a user who has recently changed it will remain reserved on Instagram for 14 days. After these 14 days, the username will become available again to be used by any user. Therefore, it takes up to 14 days until an Instagram username is available again.

    How many times I can change Instagram username?

    You can change your Instagram username as many times as you’d like! There is no limit to the number of times you can change your Instagram username. All you need to do is go to your profile, select the “Edit Profile” option, and type in a new username. With your new username, you can easily create a fresh profile that stands out from the crowd.

    Why is my Instagram username not changing?

    Your username may not be changing because the change needs to be reviewed by Instagram if your account reaches a lot of people. If a review is necessary, you’ll be notified when it’s done. If not, your username should change immediately if available. However, your followers may be notified of the change.

    Does Instagram tell people when you change your username?

    Yes, Instagram will inform your followers when you change your username. Your followers will be notified, allowing them to easily find you under your new username. Information such as your email address, phone number, and gender remain private, and will not be revealed to others.

    What happens after changing Instagram username?

    Answer: Changing an Instagram username will cause any posts, comments, and likes from the old username to be gone – leading to a ‘User Not Found’ page. This will also make the old profile URL inaccessible. When changing a username, all previous links to the profile must be updated with the new username in order to maintain visibility.

    Final Thoughts

    Recently, Instagram has changed their rules on altering your display name, limiting your ability to do so to 14 days past your initial switch and requiring you to provide proof of the change in your legal name. This can be slightly inconvenient if you change your mind within that time frame, but it is for the purpose of protecting your identity and preventing malicious users from exploiting their identity with false names. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily change your name on Instagram before the 14 day limit is up.