How to Loop a Video on Instagram Story

Are you looking for an easy way to loop your videos on Instagram Stories? Learn how to take your creative content to the next level with our guide on how to loop a video on Instagram Story!

Quick Summary

  Loop a Video on Instagram Story: Step by Step Guide

Looping a video on an Instagram Story can be done in a few easy steps. Firstly, upload your video to the Instagram app, then open the Instagram Story camera, and find the video you want to post in the media library. Next, you can choose the looping clip option at the bottom of your screen, and the app will automatically insert the video into your Story. You can then move and resize the clip to the desired position and size. Finally, you can post the Story and it will automatically repeat the video in a seamless loop.

If you’re creating a GIF instead of a video, you’ll need to download a GIF-making app like GIPHY or ImgPlay before looping your clip. First, upload the GIF you wish to share to the app and then click the looping icon. Your clip will then be ready for you to upload to Instagram. Open up the Story camera, find the GIF in your media library and post, just like with a video. You’ll be amazed at the cool animated effects that can make your Instagram Story really stand out.

How to Loop a Video on Instagram Story: Step by Step Guide

Adding a looping video to your Instagram Story can help you better engage with your followers and show off your creative substance. While looping videos on Instagram Story is quite simple, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you master the process.

Step 1: Create a Story

Before you can loop videos, you’ll need to start a Story. To do this, open the Instagram app, tap your profile icon at the bottom of the home page, and then tap the ‘+’ icon located in the top left-hand corner.

Step 2: Edit Your Video

Once your creation is complete, tap the ‘Send To’ option, then choose ‘Story’. Next, tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen to add some additional effects, stickers, and text, as desired.

Step 3: Enable Loop

Tap on the ‘wrench’ icon in the bottom left-hand corner and then toggle the ‘Loop’ option from off to on.

Step 4: Share

Once you’ve switched the option to turn loop ‘on’ hit the back arrow in the top left-hand corner of your story, then click ‘Done’ in the bottom right-hand corner. Your looping video is now ready to share with your followers.

To Sum it Up

  • Start a Story
  • Edit your video
  • Enable loop
  • Share it with your followers
  • Personal Experience

    How do I make my video loop on Instagram?

    Looping a video on your Instagram story is an effective way to naturally draw in your followers. It creates an impactful and memorable message that can make your stories stand out in the feed. Here is a step by step guide on how to loop a video on Instagram story:

    1. Log in to your Instagram account and begin to edit your story. Select the “Upload” option and upload your desired video. If you’re creating a story from clips already saved on your device, select the option titled “Your Phone.”

    2. You can crop the video and add a sticker or filter to your video if desired. Once you’re satisfied with it, be sure to click the “Done” button that’s located at the bottom of your screen.

    3. To loop the video, select the “Settings” option at the top right corner of your screen and click on the Loop button located next to the “Save” option. This will enable you to have your story play on without stopping when it reaches the last frame.

    4. Finally, click the “Done” button in the top left corner of the window and you’re ready to post your looped video on Instagram story. If your video has not met the optimal 15 second time requirement, you’ll have to trim the extra frames before you can post.

    It’s a great way to grab the attention of your followers and gain more engagement. Try it out today and let your stories stand out in the feed!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I make my video loop on Instagram?

    To make a video loop on Instagram, go to the post editor, click the ‘Advanced Settings’ button and select ‘Loop’. Then, select the video file you want to use, adjust the length and post your looped video. Your video will now be looping on Instagram.

    Can Instagram stories loop?

    Yes, Instagram stories can be looped. This is possible through the boomerang feature available on Instagram. Boomerang creates a looping video from a single image or short video clip which can be shared as an Instagram story or reel. This feature allows for stories and reels to be enjoyed in a continuous loop.

    Do Instagram reels automatically loop?

    Yes, Instagram Reels automatically loop. The loop length is determined by how long the shutter release button is held for when recording the video. Looping a Reel can be done manually by downloading the video, editing it, and re-uploading to Instagram. Additionally, Instagram’s algorithm automatically converts videos into a looped version.

    Does Instagram count repeat views on reels?

    No, Instagram does not count repeat views on Reels. According to Instagram, a view is counted when a video is watched for 3 seconds or more and view counts only include those views that were recorded after November 19, 2015. Therefore, repeat views on Reels are not counted for the purpose of determining the video’s view count.

    Can you ask questions on reels?

    Yes, Instagram allows users to add a quiz sticker to Reels. This sticker lets creators ask their audience questions, such as polls and trivia. To use the quiz sticker, users can select the quiz icon when creating a Reel and then type in their question and potential answers. This quiz sticker can be a great way to interact with followers, obtaining their views on topics, as well as testing their knowledge.

    Why is my reel looping?

    Answer: Loops in your fishing reel can be caused by line twist. To avoid this, make sure to reel the line on the same direction it’s coming off the spool. This can be done by concentrating on reeling the line off the filler spool correctly.

    Which app can loop a video?

    The app that can loop a video is Coub. It is a professional video loop app that quickly loops and remixes videos. It allows users to create stunning video loops using videos from YouTube, their media library, and other platforms, and add their own custom music for an unique experience.

    How can I loop a video easily?

    To easily loop a video, upload the video to an editing program, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. Then, set the playhead at the start of the clip and click the ‘loop playback’ icon. Finally, click play to start the loop. This should keep the video playing continuously until it is stopped.

    What do you call a video on repeat?

    A looping video is a video that plays in a continuous loop. It is also known as a video on repeat. A looping video can be as short as an animated GIF or as long as desired.

    Final Thoughts

    Looping videos on Instagram Stories can be a great way to share your content and engage with your audience. It helps you to create unique, engaging stories that stand out amongst the competition. Plus, when looping a video, you can make sure that your followers don’t miss any part of it. With the Instagram Story’s Customizable Tools, you can easily loop your videos, making it one of the simplest ways to share a fun and memorable story.