How to Unpin Someone on Snapchat: Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking for an easy way to unpin someone from your SnapChat chat? Learn how to unpin someone from your SnapChat chat quickly and easily with our simple guide.

Quick Summary

  Unpin Someone on Snapchat: Step-by-Step Guide to Follow

Unpinning someone on Snapchat is easy and hassle-free. Follow these simple steps below to unpin someone:

  • Open Snapchat and go to the “Friends” tab.
  • Tap and hold your finger on the user you want to remove from the pinned list.
  • A menu should pop up with a few options. Select “Unpin from side bar” from this menu.

The confirmation that the user has been successfully unpinned from the friends list will appear on your screen. To make sure your unpinned friend still appears in your contact list, go to your “My Friends” tab and look for the name of the person you just unpinned. Your friend should be showing in the list.

Unpin Someone on Snapchat: Step-by-Step Guide to Follow

Snapchat is one of the leading social media platforms that allow you to share visual content and messages with your friends, family and followers. You can pin messages in the Snapchat app that would be helpful for you to see them frequently.

Steps to Unpin Someone on Snapchat

  • Open the Snapchat app and log in.
  • Locate and tap on the “My Friends” option located on the top left corner of your screen.
  • Look for the person’s name that you want to unpin.
  • Click on the person’s name and then tap on the “Pin” icon located at the top of your screen.
  • A prompt message will appear to confirm if you want to unpin that person. Just select “ yes” to confirm and then your process of unpinning someone on Snapchat is done.
  • As a result you will now be able to access other friends easily with one click instead of scrolling through a list of pinned friends.

    Tips to Keep in Mind while Unpinning Someone on Snapchat

    • Make sure to always log out of your account to protect your Snapchat account from mismanagement.
    • Be sure to take a screenshot of any pinned message from a friend that you want to save.
    • Keep your account secure by activating two-factor authentication.

    Personal Experience

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    Unpinning someone on Snapchat is a quick and easy task! Begin by opening the “Friends” page from the Snapchat application. Here, you will see a list of your friends. You can identify the people that you have pinned to the menu by the pushpin icon next to their name and score. Simply click on the pushpin next to their name and the pin symbol will change to a circle, indicating that this person is no longer pinned to the top of your Snapchat menu. Voila, you have now unpinned your friend from the Snapchat menu! Now when you open your Friends page, the initial list of friends will display in an alphabetical order, with the pinned friends at the top of the list.

    In addition to unpinning friends manually, you can also unpin friends automatically by changing your Snapchat settings. Simply open the Settings tab at the top right of the Snapchat home page and select the “Friends” button. On the Friends page, there is an option entitled “Daily Friend Pin,” which automatically pins the most active friends to the top of your Snapchat menu. Turn off this option by opening the “Daily Friend Pin” option and disabling the setting. Now, no one will be pinned to the Snapchat menu automatically.

    Finally, if you would like to pin someone to the top of the list, simply open your Friends page, click the person’s name, and then select the option to “Pin to Top.” The person will immediately appear at the top of the Snapchat menu and will remain there until you unpin them manually or turn off the “Daily Friend Pin” setting. That’s all there is to it! Unpinning people from Snapchat can be done quickly and easily, thanks to a few simple steps.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why can’t I unpin someone on Snapchat?

    Unpinning someone on Snapchat is simple. To unpin a conversation, press and hold on the pinned conversation, tap ‘Chat Settings’ and select ‘Unpin Conversation.’ Following these steps will immediately unpin the conversation from the app. If you can’t unpin someone, make sure that you’re following the steps correctly.

    How long does someone stay pinned on snap?

    A pinned chat on Snapchat will stay at the top of your Chat page for as long as you keep it pinned. There is no time limit or expiration date for a pinned chat, so it will remain in the same place until you decide to unpin it. You can also unpin a chat and then repin it to its original place at any time.

    How do you un pin someone on iPhone?

    To unpin someone on an iPhone, open the Messages app and tap on the conversation you wish to unpin. Tap the “-” icon next to the pinned conversation and it will be unpinned. You can also pin multiple conversations at once from this same menu.

    How do you unpin someone on iPhone text?

    To unpin someone on iPhone text, touch and hold the conversation you want to unpin. Then, drag the conversation to the bottom of the list. Finally, touch and hold the conversation again, then tap the pinned icon to unpin the conversation.

    How do u unpin someone?

    Answer: To unpin someone from the conversation list you will need to tap on the more options button located on the right side of their name. Then tap the Unpin or Unpin from top option to deactivate the pinned message. This can help you keep the conversation list organized and easily accessible.

    What happens when you pin someone on iPhone?

    When you pin someone on iPhone, it creates a shortcut that allows you to quickly see and access new messages from that contact. Pinned conversations appear at the top of your message list and are labeled with a circle featuring their profile photo. You can have a maximum of nine pinned conversations.

    Why wont it let me pin a conversation on Snapchat?

    “Snapchat may not be allowing you to pin a conversation due to a bug or issue. To fix this issue, try closing and reopening the app, or update Snapchat in the App Store. If you are still having trouble, contact the Snapchat support team for assistance.”

    How do you un pin someone on snap?

    Answer: To unpin someone on Snapchat, tap and hold the conversation and select Chat Settings. Then, tap Unpin Conversation. This will move the conversation to the bottom of your conversation list and unpin it.

    Final Thoughts

    It’s fairly simple and straightforward to unpin someone on Snapchat. All you need to do is open the chat page with the person you want to unpin, click on the “Pin” icon, and confirm the action. If you follow the steps in this guide, you should have no difficulties unpinning anyone you wish on Snapchat.