Unblocking Someone on iMessage: What to Expect

Are you having doubts about unblocking someone on iMessage? Discover what happens if you make the decision to unblock them and get back in touch with them. Find out if your conversations will remain private and what other surprises may come your way.

Quick Summary

  What Happens If I Unblock Someone on iMessage?

If you decide to unblock someone on iMessage, there are some things you should be aware of. Depending on how long you blocked the person, you may need to wait up to 24 hours before they are able to contact you. You will also want to check all of your settings since you blocked them as they may have been reverted to their default settings.

When you unblock someone, you do not receive any notifications that the action was successful or unsuccessful, so you will need to remember to verify that the action was completed. Also, keep in mind that even after you unblock someone, the person may still not be able to contact you if their number or Apple ID is not listed in your Contacts. If this is the case, you must manually add their number or Apple ID to your Contacts in order for them to be able to contact you.

Unblocking someone means that you will be able to communicate with them, but it does not mean that you are friends with them. You still have the discretion to decide who you want as friends, even if they are unblocked. Lastly, it is important to remember that whenever you unblock someone, their past Messages you previously blocked will be restored and visible in the conversation.

What Happens If I Unblock Someone on iMessage?

If you block someone on iMessage, blocking the user prevents that person from being able to contact you or see any messages you send out on the app. But what happens when you unblock someone on iMessage?

What Happens When You Unblock Someone on iMessage?

Unblocking someone on iMessage is relatively easy. Simply go to your “Settings”, tap “Messages” and then scroll down to locate the “Blocked” section. Tap the red icon next to the user’s name to unblock them. Upon unblocking the user, they will be able to contact you and view any messages you send out.

What If I Changed My Phone Number?

If you have changed your phone number since blocking a user on iMessage, then they will still be blocked. You will need to unblock them first, and then re-block them for the block to take full effect. If you are unsure if a user is still blocked, try to contact them and see if your message goes through.

What About Consequences?

When unblocking a user on iMessage, it is important to remember that any messages sent prior to blocking the user may still be viewable by the person you unblocked. It is also important to remember that unblocking someone does not necessarily reset the messaging history between the two of you. So, be sure to keep that in mind when unblocking someone on the messaging app.

Are Group Messages Affected?

If a group message includes someone who you blocked, by unblocking them you will automatically be added back into the group chat. You will need to leave the group chat in order to remove yourself from view – this can be done by tapping the “Leave this Conversation” option.

What Are The Benefits of Unblocking Someone on iMessage?

  • Unblocking someone on iMessage allows the user to contact you.
  • Unblocking someone allows you to re-enter a group message that included the user.
  • You can rest assured that future messages to the user are not blocked by the platform.

Personal Experience

What happens if I unblock someone on iMessage?

I recently encountered having to decide whether or not to unblock someone on iMessage. At first, I was hesitant – we had had an argument and I was hurt from the sentiment. Ultimately, I decided to unblock the person. To my surprise, when I unblocked the contact, nothing happened. The conversation did not automatically resume, nor did the person know that I had unblocked them. Instead, our friendship picked up where it left off as if nothing had happened, though we both made sure to be more laid-back and put the past behind us.

I found this situation to be quite interesting. Had I not known beforehand, I would have expected the contact to know when I unblocked them – after all, that is why the blocking feature is there. However, that was not the case. Unblocking someone on iMessage does not indicate to them that it has happened, which allows for a more seamless transition between both parties, without any automatic expectations.

That being said, I also found it concerning that unblocking someone does not indicate to them that it has happened. In hindsight, I was grateful to know beforehand that unblocking my contact would not flag to them that it had happened. However, one could wonder what would happen if someone unblocked a contact and that contact was not expecting it.

Because of this experience, I would highly recommend to others that when deciding whether or not to unblock someone on iMessage, to take into consideration the fact that it does not tell the other person. That way no one is put on surprise, and the relationship can pick up where it left off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I unblock someone on iMessage?

If you unblock someone on iMessage, you will be able to receive all future messages they send. However, previously sent messages will not be received. Unblocking someone ensures that future communication can be received.

How do you know if someone unblocked you on iMessage?

s Grayed Out. 3 Method #3: You Can See Your Mutual Connections. If you were formerly connected with the person that blocked you, you can check to see if they’re now listed in any of your shared chat groups. If they’re in one of your groups, it likely means they unblocked you on iMessage.

Will Imessages deliver after unblocking?

Yes, iMessages will deliver after unblocking a contact. After a contact is unblocked, any messages sent while the contact was blocked will be delivered. This includes any messages sent to your device before the contact was blocked and any messages sent while the contact was blocked.

When someone unblocks you on iPhone do they get your messages?

Yes, when someone unblocks you on an iPhone, they will get your messages. Your messages and calls will come through on their device once they unblock you. Apple has kept this feature since they introduced the block contacts option.

Can you see messages sent after unblocking on Instagram?

No, you cannot see messages sent after unblocking on Instagram. Messages sent after blocking someone will not be delivered to you if the person remains blocked. Messages sent by the blocked person before being unblocked won’t be available for viewing after unblocking them. Therefore, it is not possible to see messages sent after unblocking on Instagram.

Does blocking and unblocking on Instagram delete messages?

No, blocking and unblocking someone on Instagram does not delete messages. Messages are still stored in both accounts, but are not shown to the user who has been blocked. Messages from blocked accounts can be viewed at any time once the user has been unblocked.

Do messages appear after unblocking?

Yes, messages will appear after unblocking. Messages sent to and from the blocked contact will appear in both their conversation and yours, just as normal. You may have to check your messages or contacts in the app to see that the contact has been unblocked and to view any past messages or contacts.

What happens after you unblock someone on Instagram?

When you unblock someone on Instagram, they will be able to find you again, view your posts and stories, and send you messages. However, they will not automatically follow you again, so you will need to let them know if you wish them to do so.

What happens after you unblock someone on Discord?

Unblocking someone on Discord will allow you to read their messages again and direct message them. You can also once again block the user at any time.

Will sent messages go through after unblocking?

Yes, unblocking someone will allow messages sent before and after the unblocking to go through. After unblocking, your friend can still send you messages and you will be able to receive them. Therefore, unblocking someone is the best way to ensure that you can receive messages from them.

Final Thoughts

Unblocking someone on iMessage can have potential consequences depending on the reason for blocking in the first place. It’s important to consider whether this will be more beneficial or detrimental to your relationship before taking any action. In some cases, re-opening communication can help to rebuild trust between two parties. On the other hand, unblocking someone can potentially create more problems if the block was in place for a good reason. If you do decide to unblock someone, you can expect to receive their messages again and can start a new conversation with them.