Clear Cache on Kodi: An Easy-to-Follow Guide

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Quick Summary

  Kodi Clear Cache: Step-by-Step Guide for Effortless Cache Clearing

Clearing the cache on Kodi is a simple process that will free up storage and help improve performance. To do this, launch Kodi and click on the Settings button. Then, access the File Manager option and select “temp” from the list of options. Click the Delete button, and all temporary files will be removed. Finally, select “cache” and “packages” and delete the files in both folders. This process will easily and quickly remove all cached files from Kodi. By doing this, you will free up storage, improve performance, and even maximize your video streaming experience.

Kodi Clear Cache: Step-by-Step Guide for Effortless Cache Clearing

Kodi is a very popular media streaming service that helps you watch movies, series, and more. However, your Kodi can slow down if your cache becomes full. To keep your Kodi running at full speed, you need to clear your cache and here’s a step-by-step guide to help you do just that.

Steps to Clearing Your Cache:

  • Start by enabling the settings button in Kodi. To do this, go to Settings preferences, and then enable the settings button.
  • Go to the settings tab under favourites and select ‘System Settings’. Now, in the settings menu, select ‘Add-ons’ option.
  • Scroll down and click the options tab on the left. Then, select ‘Manage Dependencies’. In the list of add-ons, select ‘URL Resolver’ and click on the button.
  • Select ‘clear providers’ and click on the ‘Ok’ button. This will clear the providers in the URL Resolver cache.
  • Now, go to the Video tab and click on ‘Playback’. Under the advanced settings, choose the ‘Cache’ options.
  • Select ‘Clear Cache’ and click on the ‘Ok’ button. This will clear the cache in Kodi.
  • Conclusion

    By following these simple steps, you can easily clear the cache in Kodi and get back to streaming your favorite shows in no time! With this guide, now you know how to keep your Kodi running in top shape with minimal effort.

    Personal Experience

    What happens if I clear Kodi cache?

    I recently had to clear the cache on a Kodi device and I’m here to share with you my experience. Until recently, I was a novice and had no idea how to do this. This is where I started exploring a few help articles, videos, and tutorials to learn how to clear the cache from Kodi. After hours of trial and error, I was able to the get the job done. It was a little bit tricky, but with the right steps, I was able to get it done. First, I navigated to the Kodi Toolbox or Maintenance Tool. Next, I clicked “Clear Cache” and waited for the pop-up window to appear with the Cache Files option. I selected this and this will take you to the next menu and you can select the specific cache files that you want to remove. After selecting the cache files and pressing the Clean button, this will trigger the deletion and your Kodi should be back in its previous state. Kodi experts also recommend completely restarting your device in order to save any changes you’ve made. This will also ensure that no other files have been left behind in the Kodi Cache. After a successful restart, you should see that the Kodi cache has been cleared and the device is running the way it should be.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What happens if I clear Kodi cache?

    Clearing the Kodi cache can help fix minor issues related to the interface and its functionality. It is not necessary to do frequently, but can be useful when issues arise. After clearing the Kodi cache, some data will be deleted but the general functioning of Kodi should not be affected.

    What does it mean when someone says clear your cache?

    Clearing your cache means deleting the temporary internet files stored on your computer by your web browser. This can help resolve issues like websites not loading properly, or formatting problems. It also helps improve your browser’s speed and performance, as there will be fewer items stored in its memory.

    Is there a downside to clearing cache?

    Yes, there is a downside to clearing cache. Clearing your browser cache can cause issues with some websites, because websites store information in cache to help them load quickly. This cached data may be necessary to access certain features on the website, so clearing your cache could prevent these features from working properly. Additionally, having to sign in again after clearing the cache can be an inconvenience.

    Is it OK to clear cache every day?

    No, it is not okay to clear the cache every day. Doing so can lead to decreased system performance as the cache will constantly have to be rebuilt. Clearing the cache too often can also lead to a shorter lifespan of the device due to increased wear on the system. It is best to only clear the cache if it is inefficient or if it has become corrupt.

    Final Thoughts

    Clearing the cache on Kodi is an essential maintenance task that should be done frequently. From time to time, Kodi may experience slow speeds or freezing due to too much of the data collecting in the cache. By following the steps outlined in this guide, users can quickly and easily clear their Kodi cache and dramatically speed up their software. Additionally, users should consider clearing their Kodi cache frequently to ensure that the software runs smoothly and without interruption.