Troubleshoot Marketplace Messages Not Showing in Messenger App On iPhone

Are you having trouble seeing your marketplace messages in the Messenger app on your iPhone? If so, you’re not alone. Many iPhone users have been experiencing this frustrating issue, but there is a solution.

Quick Summary

  Fix Marketplace Messages Not Showing in Messenger App on iPhone

Troubleshooting Marketplace Message Not Showing in Messenger App on iPhone

If your Marketplace messages are not showing up in the Messenger app on your iPhone, the likely cause is that you haven’t enabled the ‘Hidden Notifications’ option. To do this, go to the Messenger app Settings page, and then select the ‘Hidden Notifications’ button. This will enable the display of any hidden notifications that may affect your Marketplace messages.

If you’re still not able to see your Marketplace messages, restart your phone and reopen the Messenger app. Also, make sure that you have the latest iOS version and app updates installed. These can be checked for in the Settings page.

If you are still not able to see your Marketplace messages, it may be because the app is not correctly synced with your Facebook marketplace account. To check if this is the case, go to the App Store, search for the Messenger app, and re-download it. Then relog into your Facebook account. This should solve the issue.

Fix Marketplace Messages Not Showing on Messenger App on iPhone

Do you have marketplace messages not showing in the messenger application on your iPhone? Don’t worry. It’s easy to fix in a few simple steps. This guide will help you get your messages back quickly.

Steps to Fix Marketplace Messages Not Showing in Messenger App on iPhone

  • Go to Messenger App settings
  • Click on ‘Notifications’
  • Select ‘Show Previews’
  • Choose the preferred setting for marketplace messages.
  • Tips to Avoid Marketplace Messages Not Showing in Messenger App on iPhone

    • Always keep the Previews option ON.
    • Clear cache and restart the app to refresh content.
    • Keep app up to date.
    • Quit the app once you have finished using it.

    Personal Experience

    Why can

    When I encountered the issue of marketplace messages not showing up in messenger, I was particularly frustrated. I had spent considerable time setting up a marketplace listing and I expected to get buyer responses on the messenger, but nothing. I had a strong suspicion that my settings weren’t correct, so I went through them once again, but nothing changed. I tried forcing messenger to resync, logged in and out, and also rebooted my phone, but all to no avail. I thought to myself that maybe I was doing something wrong, so I took a step back to analyze the issue. After doing some research online and talking with tech-savvy people, I realized that I had initially personalized the settings wrong. After rectifying them, the marketplace messages started appearing again in messenger. So, I learned that the issue was with my configuration, not with the app.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why can’t i see Marketplace messages in Messenger?

    The Marketplace messages may not be visible in Messenger if they have been archived. This could occur if the item was marked as sold or if the user archived the messages manually. To view archived Marketplace messages in Messenger, simply click the archived option in the left side menu.

    Why can’t I see message requests on Messenger?

    The Message Requests option may not appear in your Messenger Chat History. To view your Message Requests, tap your profile picture in the top left, then select Message Requests from the dropdown menu. If the message requests tab still does not appear, it’s likely because your settings have been changed and need to be adjusted.

    Why does my Iphone Messenger not show messages?

    The issue could be caused by internal issues such as bugs or glitches. To fix this issue, try restarting the application and rebooting the device. If this still does not solve the issue, reach out to Apple Support for additional assistance.

    Why is Messenger not working on Facebook Marketplace?

    The Messenger feature on Facebook Marketplace may not be working due to one of the following reasons: 1) you may have sent too many messages; 2) you may be messaging someone in a country with restricted access to Marketplace; 3) your access to Marketplace may have been removed.

    How do I fix the Marketplace glitch on Facebook?

    1. Make sure you are using the latest version of the Facebook app. 2. Check for any software updates on your device and install them if available. 3. Clear any cached data from the Facebook app, your device and the browser that you are using. 4. Try reinstalling the Facebook app or the browser. 5. Contact Facebook support for further assistance.

    Why is my Messenger not allowing people to message me?

    The reason your Messenger isn’t allowing people to message you could be that another user has blocked you. If someone has blocked you, your messages will not be delivered. To be sure, it’s best to ask the person directly why they blocked you.

    How do I enable messages on Facebook Marketplace?

    To enable messages on Facebook Marketplace, tap the ‘See More’ button below the ‘What notifications you receive’ section. Scroll down and tap ‘Marketplace’. Tap the buttons to the right of the notification type to turn them off or on.

    Why is Messenger not showing messages?

    The most likely reason that Messenger is not showing messages is because the app’s cache is full. To fix this, clear the Messenger cache by going to Settings > Apps > Messenger > Storage > Clear Cache. This will allow Messenger to load messages and conversations faster.

    How do I see message requests on Messenger 2022?

    To view Message Requests on Messenger in 2022, tap your profile photo in the top left corner. Then tap Message Requests. Here, you can review and reply to Message Requests to connect with the person sending the message.

    Why is there a notification on Facebook Messenger but no message?

    The unread message badge on the Facebook mobile app can appear when Facebook’s system notifications cause a glitch. This can happen when users send messages with emoticons, sentiments, or feelings. The badge appears without a message because the system has generated a notification without an actual message.

    Final Thoughts

    When troubleshooting marketplace messages not showing on the Messenger App on an iPhone, it is important to remember that there may be various causes for the issue. These causes can include network connection problems, incorrect settings, or an issue with the Messenger App. It is important to address all of these issues when troubleshooting and to follow a structured approach to ensure a successful resolution. With some basic troubleshooting, a user should be able to identify the root cause of the issue and make the necessary changes in order to resolve the issue.