Turn Off FPS Counter on Razer Cortex

Unlock the power of your system with Razer Cortex and turn off FPS counters effortlessly. With Razer Cortex, you can easily disable the FPS counter quickly and customize your gaming performance to keep you at the top of your game. Experience the freedom and flexibility that comes with having your FPS counter situated right where you want it, with Razer Cortex.

Quick Summary

  How to Turn Off FPS Counter on Razer Cortex for Optimal Performance

If you have a Razer Cortex and want to turn off FPS counter, you can do so from the in-game overlay. The in-game overlay provides access to the FPS counter and other performance-related metrics. To disable the FPS counter, open up in-game overlay by pressing the shortcut key (Shift+F12 by default). Once the overlay is open, go to the Performance tab and select the option to turn off the FPS Counter. This will stop the FPS counter from being displayed in-game. Additionally, you can also customize the settings to show the FPS counter in the screen corners or as an on-screen HUD, or only show it when you press the shortcut key.

Additionally, if you’re having difficulty getting the FPS counter to display in-game, then you can check your system settings to make sure the overlay is enabled. Open the Razer Cortex software, go to the Preferences menu, and make sure the options for Game Overlay and Game Monitor are both turned on. This will enable the in-game overlay, which will provide access to the FPS Counter. If the Game Monitor option is unactive, then you won’t have access to the FPS counter feature.

How to Turn Off FPS Counter on Razer Cortex for Optimal Performance

FPS, also known as “Frames Per Second”, is an indicator of how smooth your game’s visuals are and how swiftly it is running on your PC. If you have a gaming PC with a powerful graphics card and processor, your FPS counter should be high, indicating an optimal performance. But, sometimes, you’ll get a false or lower than expected FPS count due to the FPS counter in Razer Cortex. In this article, we’ll learn how to turn off the FPS counter on Razer Cortex for optimal performance.

Steps to turn off FPS counter on Razer Cortex

  • Open the Razer Cortex application, available as a standalone or as part of Razer Synapse.
  • Select Game Booster tab.
  • On the left-hand side of Game Booster options, select Display FPS.
  • In the Display FPS menu, click on the checkbox next to Enable FPS Overlay.
  • Your FPS counter should now be turned off.

Razer Cortex Benefits

Razer Cortex has a number of useful features that make your gaming experience better. It can decrease loading times and improve in-game FPS. It also improves system stability, allowing you to play longer and smoother. In addition, it can free up RAM and CPU usage, allowing your system to manage its resources more efficiently.


By following the steps above, you can easily turn off the FPS counter in Razer Cortex for optimal performance. Razer Cortex is a useful utility that can optimize your gaming experience and boost your system’s performance.

Personal Experience

How do I turn off FPS overlay on Razer Cortex?

I’ve been using Razer Cortex FPS Counter to monitor my game performance for some time now. While the FPS counter works great and provides accurate information, I recently faced an issue with it turning off unexpectedly. I had to figure out how to keep the FPS counter turned on, and found the problem to be a minor but important issue with the settings.

Using Razer Cortex, I went to the ‘Graphics Settings’ option and changed the ‘Enabled’ parameter from ‘On’ to ‘Off’. After which, I went to the ‘Performance’ option, set ‘Framerate Counter’ to ‘On’, and ‘Compatibility Mode’ to ‘On’. That solved the problem for me, and the FPS counter has been running uninterrupted since.

Razer Cortex FPS Counter is an indispensable tool for gamers, and I’m really glad I had the chance to try it out. It’s easy to use and provides great information in one place. If you’re having trouble getting your FPS counter turned on, then hopefully this article has been able to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off FPS overlay on Razer Cortex?

To turn off the FPS overlay on Razer Cortex, go to Game Booster > Settings > FPS. There, you can uncheck the box for a position for the frame rate monitoring, or toggle it off if you do not want it on your screen. Lastly, click ‘Apply’ to save your changes.

How do I turn off FPS counter cortex?

To turn off the FPS counter on Steam, open the Steam client, go to Settings in the upper left corner, then click In-Game. After you click on the In-game FPS counter, click the OFF button to disable the FPS counter.

How do I remove Razer overlay?

To remove Razer overlay, open Razer Synapse 2, select your Chroma-enabled product, and select the “CHROMA APPS” tab. Then, select ”OFF” to disable the Chroma Applications and remove the Razer overlay.

Does Razer Cortex have an FPS counter?

Yes, Razer Cortex has an FPS counter. It allows users to track their game’s frame rate and make adjustments for optimal performance. This ensures the best gaming experience for all.

How do I enable Razer Cortex overlay?

To enable Razer Cortex overlay, open Razer Cortex and navigate to the ‘Game Details’ section. Then toggle on the overlay option to enable it. Finally, launch the game you want to overlay and the overlay will be enabled.

Why isn t Razer Cortex working?

Razer Cortex might not be working due to a software issue. To solve this problem, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the Razer Cortex software. This can be done by opening the Start menu, searching for the Razer Cortex app and selecting the uninstall option.

Why does Razer Cortex not show FPS?

Razer Cortex may not show FPS when gaming in windowed mode. This is because FPS is not supported on windowed mode, and the necessary settings required for Razer Cortex to display FPS may not have been configured properly. If the game or Razer Cortex are working without issue, then windowed mode is the most likely cause.

Is Razer cortex allowed in Valorant?

Yes, Razer Cortex is allowed in Valorant. Razer Cortex is a powerful gaming performance booster that allows gamers to get the most out of their gaming experience by optimizing game settings and freeing up system resources. This means that you can take full advantage of the benefits that it brings to Valorant, including improved frames-per-second, reduced stuttering, and optimization of system resources.

How do I get rid of Razer cortex overlay?

To get rid of the Razer Cortex overlay, open the application and go to the Settings tab. Click on Manual Uninstall, and then on the uninstall button. You may also need to delete the files left in the directory for a complete uninstall. Finally, restart your machine to complete the uninstall process.

How do I turn off Razer Cortex FPS overlay?

To turn off the Razer Cortex FPS overlay, open the Razer Cortex software, click the “Settings” icon, and navigate to the “Overlays” tab. Uncheck the “Enable Game Overlay” option and click “OK” to confirm. The Razer Cortex FPS overlay will now be disabled.

How do I turn on Razer Cortex overlay?

To turn on the Razer Cortex overlay, click the Settings icon in the Razer Cortex window. In the SETTINGS window, go to the GENERAL tab. Enable the Gamecaster overlay by checking the box next to “Enable Razor Cortex Overlay”.

Final Thoughts

Turning off the FPS Counter on the Razer Cortex can be incredibly helpful for anyone experiencing technical difficulties while gaming or anyone who is looking to minimize distractions while gaming. Having this feature turned off can help minimize any latency issues due to performance related issues or simply provide users with a more immersive experience while gaming. As such, turning off the FPS Counter on the Razer Cortex can provide users with an excellent gaming experience and help them achieve better performance.