Samsung TVs vs Vizio TVs: Which is Better?

When it comes to buying a new TV, it can be hard to choose between the best on the market – Samsung vs Vizio. Both have their own unique features and pros and cons, so what’s the best choice? The battle of Samsung vs Vizio TV is on, and we have everything you need to make the best decision for you.

Quick Summary

  Samsung TVs vs Vizio TVs: Compare Performance & Quality to Find the Best TV

When deciding between a Samsung TV and Vizio TV, it is best to compare the features and specs of each. Samsung TVs offer a more premium viewing experience, equipped with technologies such as 4K resolution, HDR10+ support, and Quantum Dot display technology. Vizio TVs are known for their affordability, but some models can offer high-quality picture and sound performance thanks to innovations such as the innovative quantum color system and Dolby Atmos integration.

Both Vizio and Samsung offer different series of TVs to meet different budgets and quality levels. Vizio’s top-of-the-line P-Series Quantum X models offer some of the best picture quality and value, while Samsung’s QLED TVs are some of the best on the market, offering excellent picture performance, wide color gamut, and great sound quality. In the end, which brand is better largely depends on your budget and intended use.

Samsung TVs vs Vizio TVs: Compare Performance & Quality to Find the Best TV

When shopping for a new TV, you’re usually stuck deciding between two big names: Samsung and Vizio. Both offer a wide variety of TVs with different sizes, technologies and more. So when determining which is the best option for you, it’s important to really understand the differences between Samsung TVs and Vizio TVs.

Performance And Quality

Both Samsung and Vizio TVs have excellent picture quality, so the main differences lie in performance. Vizio TVs have excellent motion handling and low input lag, making them the clear option for gamers. The same goes for Vizio’s wide viewing angles. However, when it comes to HDR performance, Samsung holds the lead. They produce brighter and more vibrant colors when compared to Vizio, making it a better choice for home theaters.

Size and Features

When it comes to size, Samsung offers more variety than Vizio. They have a range of sizes from small to large, so you can find a TV perfect for your space. Additionally, Samsung TVs offer more features than Vizio. From voice control to SmartThings for the connected home, Samsung’s TVs have something for everyone.


Finally, there’s the price to consider. Vizio’s TVs are much more affordable than Samsung’s; they offer more budget-friendly options than Samsung. Vizio’s budget-friendly sets have decent specs and display quality. So if you don’t need the extra features that come with Samsung TVs, you can save some money by buying a Vizio.

Differences Between Samsung and Vizio TVs

  • Vizio TVs have excellent motion handling and low input lag, great for gamers
  • Vizio TVs have great wide viewing angles
  • Samsung TVs have better HDR performance
  • Samsung TVs offer more features and sizes
  • Vizio TVs are more budget-friendly

When choosing between Samsung TVs or Vizio TVs it’s important to understand the differences in performance, quality, size, features and price. Depending on your needs, you can find a great option that fits in your budget.

Personal Experience

Are Samsung or Vizio TVs better?

I have owned a Samsung and Vizio television in my home and have experienced the pros and cons of each. Coming from an audio/visual technician perspective, I believe Samsung sets offer a higher level of picture quality in comparison to Vizio televisions due to the use of higher-grade paneling and upscaling technologies. The Samsung sets I have used also tend to offer more motion settings than the Vizio models, which can be helpful when watching sports or action-oriented films. On the opposite end, Vizio offers competitive pricing in relation to Samsung’s models. While picture quality suffers slightly in comparison, Vizio still provides decent images at an attractive budget price. Overall, I believe the choice between a Samsung or Vizio television ultimately comes down to budget and personal viewing preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Samsung or Vizio TVs better?

The answer to this question depends on the specific features and performance that the consumer is after. Generally, Samsung TVs are better for picture quality due to their brighter SDR, better upscaling, and fewer uniformity issues. Vizio TVs, on the other hand, offer more gaming features such as VRR support and superior motion handling. It’s ultimately up to the consumer to decide which is best for their individual needs.

Is Samsung and Vizio the same?

No, Samsung and Vizio are not the same. Vizio is an independent consumer electronics company that manufactures its televisions in Taiwan. Samsung does not manufacture Vizio televisions, although it does produce its own line of products.

Which TV brand is best?

The best TV brand on the market right now is Hisense. Their TVs offer premium features and powerful performance at an affordable price. The brand consistently ranks highest in customer satisfaction surveys, making it the go-to option for many consumers. With an impressive selection of sizes, styles, and features, Hisense is the clear leader in the TV category.

What are common problems with Vizio TVs?

1) No Picture or Audio: This is often caused by incorrect cable connections, wrong input settings, or a malfunctioning main board. To fix this issue, check the cable connections, adjust the TV’s input settings, and reset the main board. 2) Picture Quality: If the Vizio TV’s picture quality looks blurry or grainy, adjusting the contrast, brightness, and sharpness settings, or resetting the picture mode could remedy the issue. 3) TV Will Not Turn On: This could be due to a malfunctioning power supply or a drained or faulty power cord. Unplugging the TV from the wall and plugging it back in after a few seconds may resolve the issue. 4) Remote Not Working: Weak or dead batteries, interference from other electronics, or a defective remote are usually the causes. Replacing the batteries, resetting the remote, or replacing the remote altogether may address the problem.

Is Vizio V series better than Samsung?

Vizio V series TVs offer features such as VRR support and better motion handling, while Samsung TVs have excellent picture quality. Ultimately, it depends on personal preference and the features that are important to you. Both TVs offer great features and picture quality, making it difficult to determine which one is better.

Is Vizio a good TV V Series?

Yes, Vizio V Series TV is a good option for gaming. It offers a fast response time and low input lag, as well as support for VRR to reduce screen tearing. Its performance is further enhanced by a narrow refresh rate range. In summary, the Vizio V Series is a great choice for gaming.

Is Vizio Quantum better than Samsung?

Yes, the Vizio P Series Quantum 2020 is a better choice than the Samsung Q70/Q70T QLED. It offers local dimming, a feature absent from the Samsung model, and is capable of producing brighter images in both SDR and HDR. Additionally, the Vizio Quantum offers a superior overall picture quality for most uses.

Is Vizio owned by Samsung?

No, Vizio is not owned by Samsung. Vizio is an independent company that outsources the manufacture of its televisions in Taiwan. AmTran Technology is the company that handles Vizio’s television production in Asia, not Samsung.

Is Samsung TU8000 discontinued?

Yes, the Samsung TU8000 has been discontinued in 2021 with the release of the Samsung AU8000, which offers improved features over the TU8000. The AU8000 is the newer model of Samsung’s 4K Ultra HD TV lineup, with upgraded picture quality, enhanced AI capabilities, and more. The TU8000 is no longer available for purchase.

Does TU8000 have 120Hz?

No, the Samsung TU8000 does not have 120Hz refresh rate support. It does, however, offer a wide variety of features, including 4k resolutions, HDR support, and a faster response time. Unfortunately, these features do not support the advanced gaming features found in the Xbox Series X or PS5, such as 120Hz gaming.

Final Thoughts

After comparing the features, designs, and prices of Samsung and Vizio TVs, it is safe to say that, overall, Samsung TVs are generally better than Vizio TVs. Samsung TVs have consistently higher picture quality, as well as more features such as Smart TV capabilities, faster processors, and cutting-edge technology. Of course, price is an important factor to consider, and there are more affordable Vizio TVs to choose from. Ultimately, the choice between Samsung and Vizio TVs depends on the individual user’s budget and needs.