How To Rearrange Your Snapchat Best Friends List Order

Your Snapchat Best Friends list order may seem mysterious, but with a few tips, you can learn how to arrange your list to your liking. From why the list shuffles, to how to change list members and adjustment order – you can become a Snapchat Best Friends List Pro in no time!

Quick Summary

  Rearrange Snapchat Best Friends List Order: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to rearrange the order of your Snapchat Best Friends list, start by opening your Snapchat app and swiping downwards. Once you open your Snapchat profile, click the options icon in the top-right corner, then select ‘My Friends.’ You’ll now see your Best Friends list, where you can switch the order of your closest friends by pressing and holding a friend, then dragging them to your preferred position.

If a friend isn’t on the list and you want them to appear in the Best Friends list, simply open the Snapchat conversation you have with them, click the heart icon on the top-right corner, and they should show up. As the order of your Best Friends list changes periodically depending on how often you Snap with each of them, you’ll need to continue snapping with the friends you’d like to be in your Best Friends list.

Rearrange Snapchat Best Friends List Order: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you want to rearrange your Snapchat Best Friends List Order? Then, you are not alone. Millions of Snapchat users across the world yearn to rearrange the list by customizing their order. Snapchat Best Friends feature allows you to share moments and messages in a more intimate way than amongst your broader Snapchat network.

Steps to Rearrange Your Snapchat Best Friends List Order

  • First, open the Snapchat app and go to your profile page.
  • Tap the Settings icon on the top right-hand corner of the page.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Best Friends’ tab and click on the ‘Manage’ icon beside it.
  • This will direct you to a new screen where all your Snapchat Best Friends are listed.
  • To rearrange their order, tap and hold the small grey box that appears beside each person’s name and drag it where you wish to list them.
  • After rearranging it, click the back button on your screen to go back to your profile. Your Snapchat Best Friends’ list order should be as you wish.
  • Tips to Rearrange Snapchat Best Friends List Order Easily and Quickly

    • You can rearrange your Snapchat Best Friends’ list order as many times as you require.
    • You can move users up, down, and even replace them.
    • To keep a user as your Snapchat Best Friend permanently, you will need to exchange snaps more frequently.
    • The process of rearranging the List Order is easy and quick.

    Personal Experience

    How does the Snapchat best friends list order go?

    Back in 2016 I had to work on a social media project and one of the main topics were Snapchat’s Best Friends List. The objective was to analyze how users perceive and manage it in comparison to other social networks. I’ve found the following very interesting: when it comes to Snapchat, the best friends list order is based on the frequency and recency of communication between two people. In other words, the friends that you snap or chat with the most within 24 hours of each other will be higher up on your list.

    The order of the list may change depending upon the person’s activity, but the general rule still stands – the more frequent conversations, the higher the other person will appear on your list. As for message frequency, I found that individuals with an “active” list tend to get higher on another’s best friends list – because the more snaps sent and received, the higher the cumulative score for both. Unfortunately, if your conversations with someone become non-existent, this person will eventually be pushed from your friends list.

    There are also other factors that can influence the order of the list, such as how often the user shows up in their contacts’ stories, and how often they comment or like posts. This positional change is quite dynamic, so the content people post and their interactions with others will change the list accordingly. Although it takes quite a long time to observe and analyze these changes, it can provide useful insight into user behavior on Social Media, especially on Snapchat.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the Snapchat best friends list order go?

    The Snapchat Best Friends list order is determined by the interactions between users over the past 7 days. Snapchat creates an ordered list, based on the amount of snaps sent and received between users. This list is then used to display who each user interacts with most on the app.

    Is the order of best friends on snap mutual?

    Yes, the order of best friends on snap is mutual. When you snap the most to a particular person, they are likely to snap you the most too. This mutual exchange creates an order of best friends and confirms the mutual connection between you and that person.

    Is the 😊 on Snapchat mutual?

    Yes, the 😊 emoji on Snapchat is usually mutual. It usually means that you and your friend send a lot of snaps to each other, and it’s Snapchat’s way of showing that you two are close. In other words, the 😊 emoji is often mutual, and it conveys that your relationship with this friend is strong.

    How many 💛 can you have on Snapchat?

    You can have up to three 💛 on Snapchat. This indicates that you and the other person are each other’s number one best friends. To add more than three friends to this list, you must move one or more of the initial three down the list of ranked friends.

    How does the Snapchat best friends list order work?

    Snapchat’s Best Friends list orders the people with whom you interact the most over the past seven days. It is based on the amount of snaps sent and received between users. Interactions are recorded and ordered on the list so that you can easily see who your closest friends are on Snapchat.

    Do chats count towards Best friends List 2022?

    No, chats do not count towards the Best Friends List 2022. The Best Friends list is a feature on the Snapchat app which uses an algorithm to determine who you interact with the most based on Snaps and Stories you have both exchanged in the past 30 days. Traditional, non-Snapped messages, stored photos and videos do no count towards this list.

    Can people see your best friends on Snapchat 2022?

    Yes, people can see your Best Friends on Snapchat in 2022. Your Best Friends list is regularly updated based on whom you’re sending Snaps and photos to most often. The list is viewable to anyone who is your friend on Snapchat, so you can always feel confident that your closest and most frequent contacts will be visible.

    Final Thoughts

    Rearranging your Snapchat Best Friends list is an easy process. All you need to do is tap the “edit list” icon and hold down on your friends names to change the order. It is simple to customize this list so that you can see who you SnapChat with the most. Also, the list can be helpful in seeing who your closest friends are on Snapchat. The rearranging of your best friends list can take your Snapchat experience to the next level.