Inspiring Instagram Stories Display Pictures (Dp) to Get Attention

We all have stories to tell and Instagram is the perfect platform to document, capture, and share all of your special memories. With Instagram’s unique DP feature, you can now tell your story in an unforgettable way that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Show off your stories and make your IG DP stand out from the crowd!

Quick Summary

  10 Best Instagram Stories Display Pictures (DP) to Increase Engagement

Instagram Stories Display pictures (DPs) can be used to grab attention and motivate viewers. To make sure your stories are inspiring and effective, use creative visuals like high-quality images and creative text overlays. Additionally, it’s important to maintain a consistent branding for your stories, using your business’s logo and other existing branding elements to ensure a clean and professional look. Lastly, use relevant hashtags to make sure your Story is discoverable to the right audience.

To maximize engagement, get creative with your Stories DPs. Incorporate bright colors, attractive shapes, and eye-catching fonts to draw the viewers’ attention. Pro tip: adding movement to your DPs can help capture the viewers’ attention. If you have the budget, consider using video instead of static images. Video will grab more attention, and give you the opportunity to put in 10-60 seconds worth of content.

Remember to keep your photos and videos high quality. Low-quality images can take away from the quality of your Story and alienate your viewership. If you are unable to create awesome visuals, consider using stock images that represent your brand’s message and style. Additionally, make sure the Stories DPs you create are optimized for maximum impact by using Instagram’s recommended aspect ratios.

10 Best Instagram Stories Display Pictures (DP) to Increase Engagement

Making Your Instagram Story Attractive

Instagram stories allow you to express yourself and engage with your followers. Posting attractive photos, GIFs, and videos can help build a sense of connection with your followers and drive engagement. One of the key elements of making your stories attractive is your display picture or DP. It should represent your brand and stand out from the rest. In this article, we will look at 10 of the best Instagram Stories display pictures (DP) that you can use to increase engagement.

1. Colorful Geometric designs

Geometric shapes are bold and eye-catching. You can enhance the visuals by using a mix of colors in your design. This will give your Instagram Story a modern and vibrant look that is sure to grab the attention of viewers.

2. Dynamic Typography

Typography can be used in creative ways to make your Instagram Story DP stand out. Try adding some kinetic energy to your DP with subtle animations. This will add an interesting element to your stories and make them more engaging.

3. Minimalistic Illustrations

Illustrations can be used to add a touch of personality to your Instagram Story. Try to keep it minimalistic and choose elements that represent your brand. This will help viewers form a visual connection with your stories.

4. Creative Letters

Creative letters are a great way to make your Instagram Story DPs stand out. You can use bright colors, patterns, and fonts to create a unique style that is sure to grab attention. This will help to draw viewers in and encourage them to engage with your stories.

5. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are eye-catching and simple to customize. You can utilize different colors, shapes, and lines to create a unique design that will help make your Instagram Story DP stand out. This will encourage viewers to engage and make your story more engaging.

6. Abstract Art

Abstract art is often bold and colorful. This can be used to create an eye-catching design for your Instagram Story DP that is sure to draw viewers in. Try to make it dynamic by adding subtle animations and textures to create an interesting visual.

7. Vintage Badges

Vintage badges are a great way to make your Instagram Story DP unique. You can customize the colors, text, and icons to create a classic design that will stand out. This will help viewers to instantly recognize your stories and engage with them.

8. Retro Pop Art

Retro pop art is a great way to add a touch of fun to your Instagram Story DP. Use bright colors and bold shapes to create a design that is sure to grab attention. This will make your stories more engaging and encourage viewers to interact with them.

9. Minimalistic Icons

Minimalistic icons are simple and easy to customize. You can use them to add some personality to your Instagram Story DP. Try to use colors and shapes that reflect your brand. This will help viewers to recognize your stories and engage with them.

10. Minimalistic Logos

Minimalistic logos are a great way to add a touch of professionalism to your Instagram Story DP. Use colors, shapes, and fonts that represent your brand. This will help to make your stories instantly recognizable and draw viewers in.


Using an attractive display picture is essential for drawing viewers in and engaging them with your Instagram stories. Try to use colors and elements that reflect your brand. This will help viewers to form a visual connection with your stories and encourage them to interact with them.

Personal Experience

What questions to ask on Instagram stories?

I’ve spent countless hours perfecting my Instagram profile. My goal was always to find the perfect Instagram DP (Display Picture) and stories, that best represent me and my interests.

The process of finding a display picture was tricky, it needed to be visually appealing and align with what I want to portray. After selecting and editing my ideal display picture, I shifted my focus to creating and sharing my stories.

Stories are the true representation and means of displaying your creativity. After a short brainstorming session, I selected the background canvas and started to work on the content. I worked off a template created using Adobe Spark which worked really well. I experimented in creating a unique, vibrant and eye catching story many times over and each time it came out differently.

Selecting the right icons, animated stickers, backgrounds and fonts and blending them together, creating an interesting story was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I felt a sense of accomplishment and was extremely pleased with the outcome.

My friends and followers started to appreciate the stories and my posts began to draw more attention. My advice is – don’t go too generic and stick to what you’re comfortable with. Experimenting with visuals and editing choices is encouraged

will go a long way into finding the right stories and display pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What questions to ask on Instagram stories?

Questions to ask on Instagram stories can range from fun and quirky to more purposeful queries. Examples of fun questions to ask include: “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?”, “If you could be a celebrity for a day, who would you be?”, and “If you had to pick one song to describe your life, what would it be?” More purposeful questions that can get your followers thinking include: “If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?” and “Consider the most meaningful thing that happened to you this week. What was it?” Both types of questions can help you get to know your followers and start meaningful conversations.

How do you ask people questions on Instagram stories?

To ask people questions on Instagram Stories, start by tapping the stickers icon in the story creation view. From there, choose the ‘Questions’ sticker and type in the question. This sticker allows people who view the Story to respond in their own words and will save those responses for you to view in the Stories Insights. This is an easy and efficient way to get your followers engaging with your content.

Can people see who asks questions on Instagram stories?

Yes, people can see who asks questions on Instagram stories. When you click on your responses, you can see who asked questions and have the opportunity to respond to them directly via DM or in a follow up story. Just tap the response and choose from the prompted options and you’ll be able to reply to the person who asked the question.

How do you do 3 questions on Instagram stories?

Answer: To do 3 questions on Instagram stories, start by tapping on the camera icon at the top of the screen to open the camera mode. Then, record or upload the video that you want to add the questions to. Once you’ve recorded your video, tap on the sticker icon (with the smiley face) at the top of the screen and select the Questions sticker from the tray. You can customize the questions and answers, then tap the send button in the bottom right corner to post your story. If you need more than 3 questions, simply tap on the Questions sticker to add more.

Why do strangers view my Instagram Story?

Strangers may view your Instagram Story if your profile is public, or when they search for Stories using hashtags or geo locations. Additionally, if someone has your username they may be able to view your Story. It is important to be mindful of your security and privacy settings when sharing content on social media platforms.

What questions should I ask on my Instagram Story?

Questions that would work well on Instagram Stories are those that are open-ended, interesting and thought-provoking. You could ask questions such as “What do you think of the new trends in fashion?”, “How do you think technology has improved/changed our lives?” or “What’s your opinion on the current political situation?”. Additionally, there are creative questions you could ask such as “What’s the craziest thing you have ever seen?” and “If you could own any pet, what would it be?”. Asking questions on Instagram stories is a great way to engage your followers and spark conversations.

How do you ask someone a question on Instagram Story?

To ask someone a question on Instagram Story, tap the Stickers icon, which looks like a small square with a smiley face. Then, tap on the “Questions” sticker to add a Question box to your story. Once you’ve added the box, type in your question and share it with your friends, who can then respond with their answers.

What questions do people ask on Instagram?

People on Instagram often ask questions about the platform, using hashtags, privacy settings, account verification, and new features. They may also ask questions about specific topics and interests, and ask for advice on how to use the app to its full potential. Additionally, many users may ask for tips and tricks on how to use Instagram to get more followers or better engagement.

How do you get people to ask you questions on Instagram?

Answer: To get people to ask you questions on Instagram, it’s important to give your followers a chance to engage with you and have meaningful conversations. To do this, you should create interactive stories, post engaging content, and respond to comments in an engaging way. Additionally, consider announcing the opportunity for followers to submit their questions on a designated day or hour to assure that there is a regular avenue for followers to engage with you.

How are people answering questions on Instagram?

People are answering questions on Instagram by commenting, sending direct messages, and during live Q&A sessions with their followers. During these Q&A sessions, people can post a question sticker on their stories, followers can tap the sticker and type in their questions, and the poster can respond using their story. Live Q&A sessions are a great way to answer questions on Instagram in real-time and engage with followers.

Final Thoughts

Inspiring Instagram Stories Display Pictures (DPs) can be powerful tools for getting attention. By illustrating or showcasing a powerful or meaningful message and a creative visual, DPs can engage an audience and help spread a positive message. DPs also humanize a brand and can encourage users to share a story with their own followers, helping to expand the reach of an account. When used correctly and tastefully, inspirational DPs can be a compelling way to stand out and engage an audience on Instagram.