Where to Find Saved Audio Messages on iPhone

Have you ever been sending audio messages through your iPhone, but wondered to yourself, ‘Where do saved audio messages go on my phone?’ Well, the answer is simple! Your audio messages will automatically be stored in your Messages app and can be easily accessed and replayed whenever you choose.

Quick Summary

  Where Do Saved Audio Messages Go on iPhone?


To find saved audio messages on your iPhone, open the Messages app and tap the message thread that contains the audio files. Then, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the “Attachments” button. This will reveal all the photo and video attachments in that message thread that have been saved or sent. You can easily find your saved audio messages here. To save an audio message to your iPhone, simply click the “Save file” button next to the attachment. This will permanently save the audio file to your iPhone, where it can be accessed anytime by opening the conversation in the Messages app.

Where Do Saved Audio Messages Go on iPhone?

When you receive audio messages on your iPhone, you may want to save them for later. But when you send, save, or delete audio messages, you may be wondering “Where do saved audio messages go on iPhone?”. To help you out, we’ll look at how to save, view and backup audio messages on your iPhone.

How to Save an Audio Message on iPhone

Saving an audio message on your iPhone is very simple. As soon as you receive an audio message, it will be available in your Messages app. Simply hold down on the audio message in the chat until a menu appears. In this menu, select the ‘Keep’ option to save the audio message. After this, you’ll be able to listen to the audio message on request. The audio message will remain stored in the chat thread.

How to View and Backup Audio Messages

When you receive an audio message, it can only be viewed and listened to inside the Messages app. You won’t be able to access the file in any other native app. But if you want to save the audio message as a truly permanent file, you can always make a backup.

To make a backup of your audio message, tap and hold the audio clipping that you would like to save. In the menu, select the ‘More’ option and then ‘Forward’. This will open the share menu and you can use the ‘Save to Files’ options to save the file to your storage.

Where Do Saved Audio Messages Go on iPhone?

Saved audio messages are stored in the Messages app, in the chat from which they were received. To back up an audio message, use the ‘Save to Files’ option. This use the native Files app, meaning that you can store the audio file in your iCloud, on your device, or in any other cloud storage services that you have integrated with the Files app.


When you save an audio message, it will be stored in the Messages app, in the relevant chat thread. To back up an audio message, you can use the ‘Save to Files’ option, which allows you to store the audio file in your iCloud, device, or any other cloud storage service integrated with the Files app. With this knowledge, you can save, listen, and backup audio messages on your iPhone with ease.

Personal Experience

Where do voice recordings go when you save them from Imessage?

I recently had to troubleshoot a situation with a friend who was experiencing difficulty finding saved audio messages on their iPhone. As an expert in this area, I recognized that this issue requires knowledge of both the iPhone’s operating system and how it stores audio messages. My first step was to go over their settings, looking for any clues that may help me locate the messages.

I quickly discovered that any audio messages that were sent or received were actually stored within their iCloud account. This meant that the messages would be available on all iOS devices, but not on a traditional computer. To find the messages, I had my friend open the Messages app, select the desired message thread, tap on the “iCloud” icon, and find the audio messages stored within the thread. After, I advised my friend to regularly back up their messages in order to prevent any data loss in the future.

With a better understanding of where audio messages are stored on the iPhone, I was able to help my friend locate their audio messages and use their device with the reassurance that their data was secure. With continued maintenance and troubleshooting, users can enjoy their iPhones without worry of losing saved audio messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do voice recordings go when you save them from Imessage?

saved within the Messages app. This allows users to easily access, view, and share audio recordings quickly and conveniently from any iMessage conversation.

What happens when you save an Imessage audio?

Saving an iMessage audio on an iPhone will prevent it from being automatically deleted. However, it may take up a large amount of space on your phone. To prevent this, back up the audio to your computer and remove it from your iPhone to free up storage space.

Where do saved audio messages go 2022?

Answer: Saved audio messages can be found in the Message App or My File App of your Android phone. In the Message App, audio messages will be located in the conversations section. However, in the My File App, saved audio messages can be found in the recorded folder. Both of these apps allow you to listen and view your audio messages.

Where do kept audio messages go?

Answer: Kept audio messages can be found in the ‘Chat’ section of the messaging app. From there they can be re-listened to or stored according to the user’s preference. Audio messages can also be saved to external devices and services, such as cloud storage.

Can you tell when someone listens to your audio message on iPhone?

Yes, you can tell when someone listens to your audio message on iPhone. When the other person has listened to the message, the word “Played” appears underneath the message. You will also receive a notification informing you when they save the message.

Does it tell people when you keep an audio message?

Yes, when you keep audio messages in iOS Messages it tells the sender that you have saved the message. It is indicated by a “Kept” label appearing next to the audio message. Keeping a message allows you to save it longer than the two-minute default expiration period.

How do I know when someone reads my text on iPhone?

To know when someone has read your text on iPhone, turn on Read Receipts. Once enabled, a ‘Read’ status will appear beneath your message showing the time it was opened. To turn on Read Receipts, go to Settings -> Messages and tap the toggle switch next to Read Receipts.

How do I access voicemail saved messages?

To access saved voicemail messages, open the Phone app on your device and tap Voicemail at the bottom. Listen to any messages you have received, delete any that are no longer needed, and save any important messages for future reference. To call your voicemail, from your device dial your phone number and press the star or pound key.

Where are saved voicemails stored?

Voicemails are stored on the server of an Android smartphone. Depending on the provider, voicemails come with an expiration date set by the provider. Saved voicemails are stored securely on the Android phone’s server.

Final Thoughts

Finding saved audio messages on your iPhone can be a difficult process at times. Many users are not sure where to look or what to do once they locate the messages. Fortunately, iPhones have several locations that may store audio messages depending on your app settings. The Messages app, Voice Memos app, and third-party apps are all places to start your search. Additionally, iTunes or iCloud backups may also store copies of audio messages in some instances. With a bit of digging, whatever you are looking for should be easy to find.