Where Do Saved Voice Memos Go?

Ever wondered where your voice memos go after you save them? With the advancements in technology, having your voice memos at your fingertips is more simple than ever. Whether you’re a student or a business professional, the possibilities of where your saved voice memos go are seemingly endless.

Quick Summary

  How to Find Saved Voice Memos on Your Device

Voice memos are typically stored within the Notes app on iPhone devices. To locate these memos, first open the Notes app. The memos are usually tucked away in the voice memos folder, located within the On My iPhone option located along the bottom left of the app. Once you’ve tapped on this folder you should be able to locate, manage, and delete all of your saved voice memos. Additionally, you can share them to other devices using messaging services or the cloud. If your device doesn’t have the Notes app, you may be able to locate the memos in Apps & Data when setting up the new device.

How to Find Saved Voice Memos on Your Device

Locating saved voice memos on your device can be tricky, but with a few easy steps you can find them quickly. This guide will help you locate where your voice memos are stored on your device and how to access them when needed. With the correct steps, you’ll soon be able to retrieve voice memos no matter the device you are using.


  • Open the app that’s on your device where you saved the voice memo. On iPhones this will be the native “Voice Memos” app (by default). On Android, you can use apps like Smart Voice Recorder.
  • Look for your saved voice memos. On an iPhone, your voice memos are stored under the “recording list” tab. On Android, they can be found in the “saved” tab.
  • Playback the memo. If the voice memo you are looking for isn’t included in the list, try searching for it or navigating to a different list.
  • If all else fails, you can find the audio file stored on your computer. On iOS devices, you can find the file in iTunes; on Macs, look for the voice memo inside a hidden folder in the library.
  • Tips

    • Before you delete a voice memo, make sure you’ve saved it to your device.
    • Don’t forget to back up early and often.
    • Make sure to note the timestamp of the voice memo.

    Personal Experience

    Where do voice memos go when you save them?

    When I first started using my smartphone, I had a lot of questions about where my voice memos were saved, as I frequently use them to quickly capture ideas and thoughts. After some research, I learned that most voice memos are stored in a private location that is typically inaccessible to the user. On some devices, the voice memos are saved to the device’s local storage, while some devices use cloud-based services to store the voice recordings. This means that the voice recordings can be accessed from any device with internet access, which is very convenient.

    Not all smartphones store voice memos in the same way, though. Some devices store the voice memos as audio files, while others may store them as text files. Additionally, some Android devices may save the memos in different locations, such as in a dedicated “Memos” folder. All smartphone devices provide some sort of way to access voice memos, though, even if it requires a few steps.

    Despite the variations across devices, the process of finding your stored voice memos usually follows the same general process. Most of the time, it involves going to an application like “Files” or “Settings,” then navigating to a folder like “Memos” or “Voice Notes.” Some devices may also provide a dedicated app for managing voice memos. Once you locate the folder, it’s usually straightforward to locate and play the voice memos.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where do voice memos go when you save them?

    Voice memos are saved in the Voice Memos app on iOS versions earlier than 12. On iOS 12 and later, they are stored in the Messages app.

    Where do voice recordings go when you save them from Imessage?

    stored within the Messages app. Messages will keep a record of all audio messages sent and received until they are manually deleted, making it easier to reference old audio messages and store them for future use.

    Do voice memos disappear when the other person listens?

    Yes, voice memos generally disappear after the other person listens to them. However, the sender can choose to save the audio message by tapping the ‘Keep’ option. This allows users to keep permanent records of important conversations.

    When u send someone a voice recording How do u save it?

    To save a voice recording, open the app you used to send it and locate the recording you want to save. Tap the share icon and select the app or service you want to save the recording to. Finally, select a destination such as your Documents folder or a cloud storage service to save the recording.

    How do you know if someone saved your audio message on iPhone?

    The easiest way to know if someone saved your audio message on iPhone is by receiving a notification. When your recipient has saved the audio, you will receive an informing you that they have done so. Additionally, a ‘Played’ label will appear beneath the message once it has been listened to.

    Do audio messages disappear for both people?

    Yes, audio messages on the messaging platform will disappear for both the sender and the recipient after a certain period of time. Depending on the chosen platform, users can set the audio message to expire after two minutes or never. Therefore, users should be aware of these settings in order to keep their conversation private.

    Do audio messages get kept automatically?

    No, audio messages do not get kept automatically. They will be removed from devices after a short time unless the user specifically chooses to keep them. To prevent audio messages from being removed, users will need to manually save them onto their device or a cloud-based storage solution.

    Where does the kept voice messages go?

    Answer: Voice messages saved on iOS 12 or later are stored in the Messages app. For versions of iOS earlier than 12, voice messages are stored in the Voice Memos app. In summary, voice messages go to either the Messages or Voice Memos app, depending on the version of iOS running.

    Does it tell people when you keep an audio message?

    Yes, it does. If a recipient chooses to save an audio message, a “Kept” indicator appears on their device. This indicates that they have chosen to keep the message and it will not expire after two minutes. Other people in the conversation will be able to see the “Kept” indicator, knowing that the recipient has the message.

    How do I find saved voice messages on my phone?

    To find saved voice messages on your phone, open the Phone app. On the bottom, tap Voicemail. If you can’t find “Voicemail,” call your voicemail instead. Your voice messages will be listed there.

    Do voice messages expire for both people?

    No, voice messages do not expire for both people. People sending voice messages can adjust their settings so that the voice message they send or receive does not expire on their device. However, voice messages sent to other people will still expire on their device, unless they also adjust their settings.

    Final Thoughts

    Saved voice memos can be kept conveniently on a smartphone or other device and easily accessed whenever needed. Depending on the type of device, voice memos may be found in specific Voice Memos, Recordings, Voice Recordings, or similar folders. By taking the time to ensure that the voice memos are being saved to the desired location, you can make sure that they will not get lost or accidentally deleted.