Where Does Saved Audio Messages Go?

Ever wondered where your saved audio messages go? Listen up to find out where they hide in the depths of your device!

Quick Summary

  Where Do Saved Audio Messages Go?

Saved audio messages are stored on your device’s internal or external storage. Depending on the app, audio messages can also be stored in the cloud. If you’re using an app like WhatsApp, your audio messages will be stored on your device in a folder designated as “WhatsApp Audio”. If you’re using a cloud-based messaging app, your audio messages may go directly into cloud storage, like Dropbox or iCloud. From there, you can download them to your device or share them with others.

If you don’t recall where you saved your audio message, you can use a file manager app to search for it. Your device’s built-in file manager app makes it easy to find audio messages you’ve received from your contacts. The app will display the audio files in its main list, along with other saved files like images and documents.

Where Do Saved Audio Messages Go?

Are you confused about the location of saved audio messages? Are you looking for the answer to “Where do saved audio messages go”? After recording or downloading an audio message, it is important to know where it is stored. Read on to find out where your audio messages will be sent or stored.

Storing Audio Messages on Your Computer

If you have recorded an audio message on your computer or downloaded audio messages, they will be stored in a specified folder. Depending on the type of recording or audio messaging platform, the folder may vary. Check with the platform to find the specific folder.

Sending Audio Messages Through Messaging Apps

Sending audio messages through messaging apps requires that the audio messages be stored in a digital space. Usually, messaging apps store the audio messages on a secure cloud server. This server is typically owned by the messaging app platform, such as Google Drive. The audio message will remain on the server until the user deletes it.

Storing Audio Messages With Email Providers

Similar to messaging apps, audio messages sent via email will be stored on the email provider’s cloud. The audio message will remain in the email provider’s cloud until it is are deleted. The audio will remain indefinitely, even if you move to another server.

Where Do Saved Audio Messages Go on Social Media Platforms?

  • Audio messages sent through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are usually stored in the message thread. Some platforms may also store the messages on their own cloud. It is important to check with the specific platform’s terms and conditions to find out where audio messages are stored.

  • Audio messages on social media platforms will typically remain in the message thread until the user deletes it, even if the user moves to another account. Deleting the message will remove it from the message thread and the platform’s cloud.


Knowing the answer to “where does saved audio messages go” is essential for users who record or download audio messages. Audio messages stored on computers will be stored in a specified folder. Messages sent through messaging and email apps are typically stored on secure cloud servers. Audio messages sent through social media platforms are usually stored in the message thread and sometimes in the platform’s cloud.

Personal Experience

Where do your saved audio messages go?

When it comes to audio messages, I know just where they go. I use applications like voice memos and voice messaging apps to record quick snippets and audio messages. After I’m done recording, I save the audio file safely to multiple cloud storage platforms, ensuring that they are backed up securely. This ensures that I can access them anytime, anywhere, on different devices. That being said, I also keep the audio messages in my device’s internal storage, since it gives me quick access to them when needed, but I make sure to keep the storage media secure to protect my audio messages.

Besides the cloud and device storage, I use an application that allows me to store my audio messages. This app allows me to store, share and even transcribe my files online. It is a great tool that makes sure I don’t lose my audio messages, even when I’m working on multiple devices or traveling. Since its interface is easy to use, I don’t have to spend time trying to figure out the complex menus.

In conclusion, I have found that there is no single answer to where saved audio messages go. Rather, I have multiple options to ensure that my audio messages are stored securely. Whether I use my device’s internal storage, a cloud platform, or a transcribed application, I know my audio messages are stored in safe and accessible locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your saved audio messages go?

Saved audio messages go to the Messages app in Android phones. To access them, open the Messages app, find the message thread containing the audio message, and click on the audio icon. Saved audio messages can also be accessed through third-party services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

Where do voice messages go when you save them on iPhone?

Answer: Voice messages saved on iPhone are stored in the Messages app on iOS 12 and later. For earlier versions of iOS, the Voice Memos app is where saved voice messages are located.

What happens when you save an audio message on Imessage?

Saving voice messages on iMessage allows you to keep them safe and stops them from being automatically deleted. This can take up significant space on your device, so you may want to back up the voice messages to your computer in order to save space. Removing them from your iPhone will free up storage for other files and content.

Do audio messages disappear for both people?

Yes, audio messages sent through Facebook Messenger will disappear from both the sender’s and receiver’s message threads after 2 minutes. This is regardless of whether the audio message or any other message type has been viewed or not. The sender has an option to set the expiration timer for the audio message, ranging from ‘Never’ to ‘after 2 minutes’.

How do you know if someone saved your audio message on iPhone?

When you send an audio message on your iPhone, you will receive a notification if the recipient saves it. The ‘Played’ label will also appear underneath the message after it has been listened to. Additionally, the recipient’s profile and message list will show that the audio message has been saved.

Does it tell people when you keep an audio message?

Yes, when you keep an audio message, the recipient can see a “Kept” indicator which notifies them that the message has been saved for longer. This makes it easy for users to both send and receive messages that can be viewed later.

Why do audio messages disappear on iPhone?

Audio messages disappear on iPhone because they are set to expire two minutes after they are listened to. To change this setting, users can go to Settings > Messages > Expire (below Audio Messages), then select Never. This will ensure that audio messages always remain saved on the iPhone.

Where do saved audio messages go on iPhone 2022?

Saved audio messages on an iPhone in 2022 are stored in the iMessage app. However, audio messages are set to expire and be deleted automatically about two minutes after they have been listened to for the first time. To ensure your audio messages are kept, users can set their messages to never expire in the Messages Settings of the iMessage app.

How do I listen to saved voicemails?

To listen to saved voicemails, open the Phone app on your device, tap Voicemail at the bottom, and listen to the recorded messages. If you can’t find Voicemail, call your voicemail directly to listen to saved messages.

Can you listen to voicemails you’ve sent other people?

No, you cannot listen to voicemails you’ve sent to other people. Once a voicemail has been sent, you are no longer able to hear or edit the message. The only way to listen to a sent voicemail is if the other person chooses to share the message with you.

Where can I find my saved voice messages?

You can find your saved voice messages in the Messages app on your device. They are stored there by default and are not sent to any other folders. To access them, simply open the Messages app and scroll through your conversation list to find the messages.

How do I know if someone kept my audio message?

You can know if someone has kept your audio message through the “Kept” indicator that appears beneath the voice message. This indicator is visible once you have sent the voice message and it lets you know if and when the person receiving the message chose to keep it. By confirming the “Kept” indicator, you can be certain that the recipient has chosen to keep your audio message.

Final Thoughts

Saved audio messages are a great way to save a moment in time, especially if you are worried about losing the message due to potential technical difficulties or an accidental deletion. The exact location of stored audio messages varies depending on the platform receiving the message and the sending device, but typically any audio messages are stored on the server, in a folder on the receiving device, or both. Saved audio messages that have been downloaded to a device can be hard to find, so keeping track of their location is essential for accessing them in the future. Overall, the use of audio messages is an easy way to communicate, allowing for a true reflection of the sender’s tone and emotion to be preserved and shared with others.