Reasons Behind a Person Disappearing from Your Facebook People You May Know List

Have you ever wondered why a person disappeared from your list of potential friends on Facebook? It’s an incredibly common occurrence and it can leave people feeling confused and frustrated. But why does a person disappear from People You May Know on Facebook?

Quick Summary

  Why Does a Person Disappear from Facebook

There are a few potential reasons behind a person disappearing from your Facebook People You May Know list. Primarily, the person may have blocked you or adjusted their privacy settings to limit the types of people who can find them on Facebook. Additionally, Facebook may have taken the user off the list if there hasn’t been any interaction between you or if you haven’t been in contact with the person lately or often.

Additionally, the person may have deactivated their Facebook account, which would cause them to disappear from your list. Finally, over time Facebook may naturally lower the visibility of certain people as it knows how dedicated you are to connecting with a particular profile. Thus, if you haven’t interacted with certain profiles for a certain period of time, you may not see them on the People You May Know list.

Why Does a Person Disappear from Facebook’s People You May Know List?

Have you ever noticed someone disappearing from Facebook’s People You May Know list? You may be wondering why this would happen. It’s natural to be curious, but understanding why a person disappears from the list might help answer some of your questions and help you better understand how Facebook’s algorithm works.

Reasons A Person Might Disappear From Your People You May Know List

  • They changed their privacy settings: People can control who shows up in the list by altering their privacy settings. She might have changed the settings for who can see her profile, including the list of People You May Know.
  • You changed your privacy settings: Just like the person, you have control over who shows up in the list. You may have altered your privacy settings so the person no longer appears on the list.
  • You unfriended or blocked the person: If you’ve unfriended or blocked the person, he or she will no longer appear in the list of People You May Know.
  • The person is using their account less often: If someone isn’t using their account very often, Facebook will stop recommending them as a possible contact.

How the People You May Know Feature Works

Facebook keeps track of who you are friends with, who you interact with, who is in your network and much more. The People You May Know list takes all these data points into consideration when it suggests people you might know. Facebook also uses mutual friends to suggest possible contacts. If the person is no longer in your network or no longer shows up on mutual friend lists, he or she will not appear on the list.


While it may not always be clear why a person disappears from your People You May Know list, understanding the reasons and how Facebook’s algorithm works can help you understand the list better. If someone is no longer appearing on the list, it could be because of any of the previously discussed reasons.

Personal Experience

Why does a person disappear from people you may know on Facebook?

I have experienced on two occasions in the past where a person has disappeared from my People You May Know list on Facebook. After doing some research, I learned that there could be many reasons why this could happen. The first reason could be that the person in question has put you on their list of blocked people on their own account. If that is the case, then your account will not appear in their People You May Know lists. Another possibility could be that the person has deactivated or deleted their account. If they have deactivated their account, it means that they have temporarily hidden their timeline from appearing to others. Lastly, the person may have set their settings to prohibit their account or profile from appearing in other’s People You May Know lists.

This is an issue that can occur with any social media platform that includes a “People You May Know” feature. With the exception of finding out if the user has blocked you, it is usually impossible to find out the exact reason why a person has disappeared from the list. If you suspect that the person has blocked you, it’s a good idea to consider looking at their profile to find out if that is the case. If not, then it is best to accept the situation and let them be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a person disappear from people you may know on Facebook?

The people who appear in the “People You May Know” list on Facebook are generated based on your profile, past interaction with others, contacts, and other users who have similar interests as you. Therefore, when certain criteria that could link you to a particular user changes, the user may disappear from your list. Additionally, Facebook also refreshes its list from time to time, which means that people may disappear even if the criteria linking you to the individual hasn’t changed.

Is it true that people you may know on Facebook are people who visit your page?

No, visiting someone’s Facebook page will not automatically put you on their “People You May Know” list. Facebook uses information from your profile, such as mutual friends and interests, to suggest people you may know. If you visit someone’s page, it will not necessarily show up on their list of suggested contacts.

How can you tell if a non friend is looking at your Facebook page?

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if a non-friend is looking at your Facebook page. Facebook does not provide any information about who has viewed your profile, as stated in their official policy. To protect the privacy of users, Facebook does not share the details of who views profiles and other activities.

How does Facebook decide who goes on people you may know?

Facebook uses algorithms to decide who appears on people you may know. The algorithms consider several factors such as mutual friends, profile information, networks, and activity on Facebook. This way, Facebook is able to suggest connections between people who are likely to know each other or have similar interests.

Is people you may know on Facebook people who visit your profile?

No, visiting someone’s facebook page will not put you on their “People You May Know” list. The list is populated by Facebook’s algorithm, which takes into account a number of factors such as mutual friends, shared interests, connections in groups, and contact information. Visiting another person’s profile alone won’t guarantee inclusion on their “People You May Know” list.

Why does someone keep appearing on people you may know?

People You May Know suggestions come from having mutual friends or being in the same network. These connections are regularly updated by the site to improve suggestions, so someone appearing on People You May Know likely has a connection to you. Certain activities, such as liking a post or commenting, may also lead to someone appearing on this list.

How can I enable the people you may know bar on my timeline again?

To enable the People You May Know bar on your timeline again, follow these steps: 1. Tap the Friends tab on the top of your Facebook page. 2. Scroll down and click on the arrow beside People You May Know. 3. Click Enable to turn it back on.

How do people pop up on people you may know on Facebook?

People pop up on People You May Know on Facebook based on connections like shared friends, networks, and groups. Matching users may be suggested if they have similar interests and live in the same city, attend the same school or work in the same company. Suggestions are also based on mutual friends and any friend requests that were sent and not accepted.

How do you change people you may know settings?

To change People You May Know settings on Facebook, open your Profile, click on the downwards facing arrow at the top right, go to Settings & Privacy and click on Settings. Under the Settings menu, scroll down to find People You May Know and click Edit, where you can customize your settings for who you may be recommending.

Final Thoughts

It is difficult to know the exact reasons why a person may have disappeared from a Facebook People You May Know list. It could be due to changes in their interests, the frequency of their login or profile updates, or periodic algorithmic updates by Facebook. Ultimately, the mystery of why someone may have disappeared can remain unclear. However, it is important to remember to keep relationships strong and remain connected with friends and family through technology, no matter the platform.