Why Does Music Stop When I Open Facebook?

Have you ever been listening to your favorite song, only to have it suddenly stop when you open Facebook on your phone? You’re not alone – many people experience strange music interruptions due to the complicated relationship between music streaming apps and social media sites. Learn why your music stops when you open Facebook and get the ultimate fix.

Quick Summary

  Why Does My Music Stop When I Open Facebook? Solutions and Tips

Many streaming music services such as Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora halt upon loading a webpage, such as Facebook. This is due to licensing agreements that do not allow music to play while a third website is open in the same browser window. The streaming service must comply with the copyright and licensing agreements, so they program this feature into their system. It is also possible that the user’s internet connection is slow which causes the music to pause or stop when loading a new webpage, regardless if the new page is Facebook or any other homepage.

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely prevent music from cutting out when a new page is opened within the same browser window. The best way to prevent this from happening is to open a new browser window and open the streaming service within that browser window. This should prevent the streaming service from pausing in order to comply with licensing and copyright agreements.

Why Does My Music Stop When I Open Facebook?

If you’ve experienced your music stopping every time you open Facebook, you’re not alone. However, there are several solutions and tips to fix this issue.

What Causes the Problem?

This issue usually occurs when you open multiple programs that use the same audio source. When Facebook launches, it takes the audio source, preventing other programs from streaming audio. As a result, it appears that the music stops when you open Facebook.

Solutions and Tips

  • Update your PC drivers as outdated and incorrect audio drivers can cause the issue.
  • Ensure that you do not have multiple windows open as this can cause the issue.
  • Try using the latest version of Facebook and other streaming programs.
  • Check if Facebook has made any updates.
  • Disable background noise on your browser.
  • Close audio-intensive applications before launching Facebook.


If you face the issue of sudden music stops while you open Facebook, then with the help of the above tips and solutions, you can permanently overcome this issue.

Personal Experience

Why does my Pandora stop when I get on Facebook?

My own experience with this issue began nearly a decade ago when Facebook first launched. At the time, I began to notice that my music would stop playing whenever I opened the Facebook app. It was a tiny nuisance initially, but it soon became an annoyance. As time went on, I noticed that this issue had become a widespread problem. Suddenly, the issue seemed to become much more pronounced than it had been before. To try and fix this issue, I searched online and found a few solutions ranging from closing other apps to reinstalling my music app. None of these solutions worked. After a bit more digging, I noticed that this problem was due to a conflict between certain media player apps, as well as certain generations of the Facebook app. The conflict would cause the Facebook app to interrupt the music apps and force them to restart. I eventually resolved the issue by uninstalling the conflicting media player apps and updating the Facebook app to the latest version. After this, my music app no longer stopped playing when I opened the Facebook app. While this issue can still happen from time to time, it has generally been resolved and remains a minor frustration rather than a major one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Pandora stop when I get on Facebook?

Answer: Pandora stops playing when you open the Facebook app due to its microphone settings taking over. To resolve this, go to settings > Facebook > settings and switch the microphone to off. This will allow Pandora to keep playing when the Facebook app is opened.

Why does my music stop playing when I open Facebook?

Music stops playing when opening Facebook because auto-playing videos can interrupt Apple Music. Facebook automatically begins playing videos as soon as a user begins scrolling through the website, launching audio and disrupting any music playing in the background. To resume listening to music, users must pause the video and manually return to their music app.

Why does Pandora close when I open another app?

Pandora closes when you open another app because your device’s battery optimization settings restrict it from running in the background. To fix this, go to your Android Settings, then Apps & Notifications, then Pandora and remove the battery restriction. This will allow Pandora to run unrestricted in the background.

How do I get Pandora to play while using other apps?

To get Pandora to play while using other apps, open your device’s Settings. Click on Battery, then on More options. Long press on Pandora from the Sleeping Apps list to allow it to play in the background while you use other apps.

What can Pandora do to ensure customer privacy?

Pandora takes customer privacy seriously and is committed to protecting any personal data that customers share with us. We have implemented industry-standard security measures and confidentiality protocols to ensure that customers’ data is kept safe. We also allow customers to review, update, and delete their data at any time.

Does Pandora ask if you’re still listening?

Yes, Pandora does ask if you’re still listening. Pandora has a feature that monitors user interaction and will ask “Are you still listening?” if there is a period of inactivity. This message helps Pandora reduce its streaming costs by ensuring music isn’t playing in empty rooms.

Does Pandora allow curse words?

No, Pandora does not allow curse words. The streaming service is dedicated to providing clean, family-friendly content. While users are allowed to customize playlists, any tracks with explicit or offensive language will be withheld by their automatic filters.

Why is Pandora not letting me listen to music?

The most likely cause of an issue with Pandora not letting you listen to music is an issue with your internet connection, an issue with your device’s operating system, or an issue with your device’s settings. If your internet connection is working but you are still having trouble streaming music, try disabling any third-party VPNs or firewalls, restarting your device, and updating to the latest version of Pandora’s app or browser. You can also reach out to Pandora’s Support team for further assistance.

How do I stop someone from listening to my Pandora account?

Bottom of that page and look for the Devices option. 3 Select the device that you want to remove from your account, and then click on the “Remove Device” button. Confirm the removal by clicking on the “Remove” button. After that, the device should no longer be connected to your account and you will no longer be able to use it with Pandora.

Why does Pandora say this station is not available?

Pandora may say this station is not available due to a lack of thumbs up ratings. Thumbs up ratings help Pandora determine what kind of music to play and thumbs down ratings can prevent a station from playing. To fix the issue, you’ll need to remove some thumb down ratings and continue to thumb up those songs you really like.

Why does Pandora say someone else is listening?

Pandora says someone else is listening because more than one device is streaming from your account at the same time. Pandora only allows one device to play music from your account at a time and will restrict access to others if it detects multiple streams. To ensure you have continued access to your music, sign out of any other devices using your account.

Why can’t my phone connect to Pandora?

To connect your phone to Pandora, make sure Bluetooth for devices is enabled in the Pandora app settings. To access the settings, tap on Profile and then select the Settings gear. In Advanced settings, check Enable Automatic Launch to enable Bluetooth for devices. If this is already enabled, check that the Bluetooth connection on your phone is also enabled.

Final Thoughts

Music services that are integrated into popular platforms like Facebook can be very convenient; however, it can be inconvenient and frustrating when you are suddenly disconnected from a song that you are listening to. This is often the result of Facebook’s application design which sometimes overrides an external app’s features, such as the music play in this case. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution other than to disconnect completely from the Facebook app while playing music. This will allow the user to enjoy their playlist without interruption.