Everything There Is To Know About The Bank Reconciliation Statement!

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Making Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS) is an essential accounting activity that every business requires. A BRS reconciles the transactions from account books with the bank statement. If the results of both activities match, you can rest assured that there is no fraud or mistake! So, here are all the details about BRS- what it is … Read more

How do I lower my interest rate if I have an FHA loan?

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FHA Loans, also known as Federal Housing Administration Loans, is a program by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) that helps people purchase their dream houses at lower interest rates. The program highlights include the ability to borrow 96.5 percent of the home’s price and pay only a 3.5% down payment. A lower credit score is … Read more

How do commercial banks determine the interest rate on a loan?

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Whether or not you have taken a loan from any commercial bank, it is common knowledge that banks charge interest over the amount you borrow. So, to pay off the loan, you pay, the principal amount + interest amount. But what is not so common knowledge is how does bank charges this interest, also called … Read more

How to Select the Best Mortgage Lender for You

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You have decided to purchase a new residence. You intend to obtain a mortgage with an appealing Interest rate. You are uncertain regarding the greatest loan provider to choose. Which option should you choose? What are your objectives and ambitions in purchasing a home? What kind of goods or services do you require? Would you … Read more

What are the advantages of a Wedding Loan?

Wedding Loan: What are the advantages of a Wedding Loan?

How will you swiftly make that deposit and secure your perfect wedding venue? Feeling uneasy about contacting your parents for a little loan to meet those unexpectedly high expenses? A wedding loan could be one of the most simple options to solve your wedding problems quickly. As you may have guessed, a wedding loan is … Read more

How are rates for health insurance calculated?

How are rates for health insurance calculated?

So, how are health insurance premiums determined? But first, let us define health insurance and why we need it. Health has always been the most important concern in our lives, but it will grow significantly greater importance in 2020. As a result, health insurance is required. The premiums that the insurer charges are essentially health … Read more

How Do You Select a Health Insurance Policy?

How Do You Select a Health Insurance Policy?

As is often assumed, people’s financial planning begins when they are properly equipped with health insurance. A health insurance policy is the first step in financial planning. Thus, before making such a significant decision, one should be informed and understand how to select a health insurance plan. We all want to acquire the best insurance … Read more

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Child Health Insurance Policy!

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Child Health Insurance Policy!

If you consult financial experts about insurance plans, they will advocate health insurance. Health insurance is the beginning point for all financial strategies for everybody and everyone. Investing in your health should be your primary priority before investing in anything else. If you have a child, the emphasis changes to them. Because parents are worried … Read more

How Does The Children’s Health Insurance Program Work?

The Children’s Health Insurance Program has replaced the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. It is administered by the US Department of Health and Human Services. The plan was to cover children from low-income households. Nonetheless, the income was insufficient to qualify for Medicaid. CHIP entered the scene only after Bill Clinton’s healthcare package failed. CHIP … Read more

If I need to buy more insurance later, what will happen?

If I need to buy more insurance later, what will happen?

Want to know the answer right away? Coverage for the umbrella insurance! Umbrella insurance adds an extra layer of safety. Whenever you reach the limits of your auto insurance, umbrella insurance comes into play. The rest of the money can be paid for by umbrella insurance. The best part? A lot less than you think! … Read more